Deer Shed 26th - 29th July 2024
Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, N Yorks

Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, N Yorks

26th - 29th July 2024

It's fair to say festivals haven't always had the greatest reputations for putting maximum effort into minimising their environmental impacts. The Deer Shed site has never been badly littered with plastic, thanks to the early introduction of Green Goblet’s reusable pint cups and a conscious audience. In 2017 we launched a ban on single use plastic bottles and in 2019 we signed up to the ‘Drastic on Plastic’ initiative with the Association of Independent festivals. This year we continue to strive for change and in 2022 signed up to the A Greener Festival programme measuring our carbon emissions onsite for the first time with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

We continue to ban single use plastic onsite, encouraging you to bring water bottles and remind you to save water by ensuring taps are switched off. Food vendors will continue to use compostable food ware and cutlery but we've also asked them to serve a veggie option as standard. We work with a local food bank, so any left over food can be put to good use. Our waste is sorted & recycled and anything not recycled will be converted to power locally.

New in 2022 we are choosing sustainable options when manufacturing new merchandise. Also new this year we are using HVO bio fuel for the first time in our generators and we have pledged to improve on our power consumption in future years.