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Ezra Furman Spotify

Ezra Furman

Sunday at Deer Shed has always previously been a little different to what you might expect at other festivals. Our Sunday headliner went on at around 5pm, in time for families to travel home and get the kids in bed at a reasonable time. We called it “the long goodbye” and, by all accounts, it was an awfully sensible idea. Birthday parties, though, aren’t meant to be sensible. Not the ones we like to attend, anyway. As such, we’ve booked our FIRST EVER SUNDAY NIGHT HEADLINER, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to host the final Main Stage toast of the weekend than one of our favourite contemporary rock ‘n’ roll stars, Ezra Furman.

Ezra has that golden ability to write one perfect rock song after the other. I don’t just mean in terms of a great melody and hook, but with lyrics that deal with complex subjects of gender, sexuality and religion, all while singing in solidarity with the innocent, persecuted and oppressed people of the world. There’s nothing better than a musician the top of their game using their artistic platform to make a difference.

His latest album, Transangelic Exodus, is perhaps his best work to date, picking up full marks from reviewers like NME and widespread acclaim from the rest. In the Chicago-based songwriter’s own words, it is “not a concept record, but almost a novel, or a cluster of stories on a theme, a combination of fiction and a half-true memoir. A personal companion for a paranoid road trip. A queer outlaw saga.” It’s an epic, in other words. We're still rubbing our eyes in disbelief that Ezra Furman will headline the Sunday night celebrations at Deer Shed 10!

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Spotify

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

There have been few more meteoric rises in the world of music than that of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever since they released their critically acclaimed debut studio EP, Talk Tight in 2016. The quintet’s post-punk sound, embellished with a triple threat of both guitars and vocals, was one of the most gloriously refreshing things we’d heard in the world of indie music for some time.

By this band’s standards, though, that was nothing. Next, in 2017, came critically acclaimed follow-up EP French Press and, in 2018, their amazing debut album Hope Downs, which is currently shortlisted alongside Courtney Barnett for the coveted Australian Music Prize. They’re a prolific bunch, aren’t they? Very few bands are capable of headlining our Main Stage so soon after the release of their debut album, but Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are no ordinary band and we are ecstatic to be expanding our global artistic reach by booking perhaps the best live band coming out of Australia right now.

In recent years, Deer Shed has been lucky enough to host some incredible new UK festival headliners: John Grant, Kate Tempest and Goldfrapp all performed their first ever headline shows right here in Baldersby Park. They are, according to The Guardian, “Equal parts thrilling and wistfully melancholic […] that rare beast: a band capable of breathing excitement back into a too often uninspiring indie scene.” As such, Deer Shedders should prepare to witness the freshest and most electrifying new headliner any UK festival has to offer in 2019.

Anna Calvi Spotify

Anna Calvi

The world has changed considerably since the last time we booked Anna Calvi, as the sun was setting on 2016. Few of these big changes currently seem cause for celebration, and many have been out of our control. We deal with it, though, by clinging on to the things we still can control: namely, for us, championing vital contemporary artists that challenge convention and speak truth to power. I’m talking about the Kate Tempests, Nadine Shahs and She Drew The Guns of this world, all of whom we are incredibly proud to have platformed over the years.

Anna Calvi embodies this Deer Shed tradition as much as any artist. It was clear to us from the start, at the release of her eponymous debut album in 2011, that she was a special song-writer and a ferocious guitarist. Armed with her new 5-star album Hunter, which reflects powerfully on subjects of gender, sexuality, and identity, it is our belief that Anna Calvi has now grown into one of the most exhilarating performers the UK live scene has to offer.

We are, of course, bound to be biased, so we’ll let tastemakers DIY Magazine, reviewing her recent performance at Manchester’s Ritz, do the rest of the talking: “Impeccable, immaculate and incredibly imposing, Anna Calvi stands proudly under the title of latest album ‘Hunter’. Nothing is secure, no one is safe and on tonight’s evidence everyone will be left besotted, obliterated or somehow both.”

The Wedding Present Spotify

The Wedding Present (Special Guest)

Allow me take you on a trip down memory road, back to Deer Shed Festival number 1. There was only one band we wanted for certain to headline the very first edition of our “live music/child friendly utopia” and that was, of course, Leeds alt-rock icons, The Wedding Present.

Birthdays are all about shamelessly spoiling yourself, right? That’s why, as our (no longer) secret special guest for Deer Shed 10, we’re spoiling ourselves rotten with a return from one of our best loved bands through the years. On top of that, this will also be an extra special show because The Wedding Present are this year celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their legendary album, Bizzarro.

Since their formation in 1985, The Wedding Present have released 18 UK Top 40 hit singles which still remain embedded in the hearts of many in the contemporary music scene – especially for all at Deer Shed. To say we are excited for this performance and The Wedding Present's long overdue to Topcliffe would be a huge understatement!

Steve Mason Spotify

Steve Mason

An artist that needs no introduction for the Deer Shed audience. He first performed in Baldersby Park back in 2014 for Deer Shed 5, before returning in 2016 for Deer Shed 7. On top of that, in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, he used to front a little known Scottish band called The Beta Band. Yeah, ok… you may have heard of them!

It’s fitting that, on a line-up with some of Scotland’s hottest emerging indie, rock and punk bands – I’m looking at you, Lucia, Rascalton and Walt Disco – we have one of Edinburgh’s finest ever musical exports, Steve Mason, joining them.

Fresh from releasing About The Light, perhaps his best and certainly his most accessible solo album to date, Steve Mason is heading back to Topcliffe for round three. Stand-out tunes ‘Walking Away From Love’ and ‘Stars Around My Head’ have been spinning constantly on 6Music since their release and we have no doubt they’ll get the Main Stage bouncing on what’s guaranteed to be a far more raucous Sunday evening than you’ve ever experienced at Deer Shed before.

Akala Spotify


Akala has been at the forefront of British hip hop ever since the release of his debut album,It’s Not a Rumour, twelve years ago. His tireless work has undoubtedly helped pave the way for the commercial opportunities afforded to a new wave of UK rap popstars, like Skepta and Stormzy.

Not content with being just a music icon, Akala is also establishing a reputation as one of Britain’s best critical thinkers and educators. He founded the Hip-hop Shakespeare Company in 2009, aiming to explore the social, cultural and linguistic parallels between the works of William Shakespeare and that of modern day hip-hop artists. If you’re scratching your head a little at this point, we highly recommend Akala’s TED Talk on the subject. Imagine if all your school English lessons had been so inspiring!

The unassuming rap legend – or The Flow Father, if you prefer – released the powerful EP ‘Visions’ in 2017, a detailed account of black history from pre-civilisation to the present day, which blew the Deer Shed team away when we witnessed it live in Leeds during his 2018 tour. If knowledge is power, Akala’s In The Dock headline set at Deer Shed 10 promises to be as powerful as any performance you’re likely to see on any festival line-up in 2019.

Palace Spotify


After being friends since the age of 13, the release of Palace’s debut album, So Long Forever, in 2016 sent shockwaves through the world of British indie music. The intricacy of their dream-pop riffs, rhythms and vocals are, according to Leo Wyndham, Matt Hodges and Rupert Turner themselves, primarily inspired by cult bands like Wu Lyf and song-writing legends like Jeff Buckley.

This sound is perhaps best encapsulated on their first releases in two years, the 7-minute track ’Heaven Up There’ and its follow-up ‘No Other’. It seems writing and recording in their own Tottenham studio has allowed Palace to tighten their grip on the creative process, and the results are wonderful.

Palace’s UK and Ireland February tour had completely sold out by the start of December, so it’s a good job you still have a chance to see them at Deer Shed 10!

Sunflower Bean Spotify

Sunflower Bean

We love New York bands here at Deer Shed. One of our favourite sets last year came from Joan Wasser and her band, aka Joan As Police Woman. As well as supreme musicality, the Big Apple also seems to instil a certain coolness in its artists like no other – if anyone knows the secret, our nerdy selves would love to hear it! Before Joan came School of Seven Bells and Darwin Deez, among a fair few others. Super cool dudes, I’m sure you agree.

Sunflower Bean are anything but an exception to this New York rule of uber-cool. I mean, just look at them! Not fair at all. And music doesn’t get much cooler than the three albums they’ve released to date either. Their chameleonic style, across three albums, is like listening to a reel of your favourite rock sounds through the ages – with Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and Prince seeming to represent the band’s most prevalent influences – all marked with the incredible vocals of Julia Cumming and the genius guitar licks of Nick Kivlen.

After releasing the critically acclaimed album Twentytwo in Blue in 2018 (a record our Oliver is convinced contains the best single of 2018 in ‘Twentytwo’), Sunflower Bean are heading straight back to our speakers with upcoming EP King of the Dudes (an extremely apt title) on 25th January, before heading to Topcliffe this summer!

Gruff Rhys Spotify

Gruff Rhys

During his time fronting the iconic post-alternative rock band Super Furry Animals, Gruff Rhys penned and performed countless songs which fused disparate genres expertly. Psych, prog, techno, punk – it’s all there. Jumping between the fuzz heavy track ‘God! Show Me Magic’ from their 1997 debut album Fuzzy Logic and floating soul hit ‘Juxtaposed with U’ from 2001’s Rings Around the World can be quite the surprising musical journey , but it just works.

Gruff Rhys’ five solo albums to date, the first of which was composed solely in the Welsh language, have largely followed this eclectic trend. His latest release, Babelsberg, reverts to English – though that didn’t prevent a nomination for the 2018 Welsh Music Prize – and Rhys’ artistic development continues with the backing of a 72-piece orchestra. The effect is an underlying dose of drama you’d have expected from a Leonard Cohen performance in any given concert hall.

In truth, we’re chuffed that booking Gruff Rhys for Deer Shed has finally come off. It only took about… ten years!? Have no doubt that this set will be worth the long, long wait.

Lucy Rose Spotify

Lucy Rose

Our first experience of Lucy Rose’s magnificence came in 2010, as we sat down to listen to an acoustic version of ‘Flaws’, a song by Bombay Bicycle Club, one of our favourite indie bands at the time. Her hauntingly beautiful harmonies immediately set her apart as an artist we, and surely masses of other BBC fans, thought it worth keeping an eye on.

Nine years and three studio albums later and Lucy Rose has now positioned herself at the forefront of contemporary British folk music. With an enchanting, warbled vocal style, reminiscent of the gorgeous voice of Joni Mitchell, and each song of her growing back catalogue crafted with the intent of taking her listener on a magic musical journey, there are few artists more suited to headlining our Lodge Stage.

Take it from us folk fans: it doesn’t get much better than this. We’re beaming with pride at this booking, and expect Deer Shedders to be completely awestruck by Lucy Rose’s performance in July.

Flyte Spotify


We first encountered Flyte at an Island Records label takeover of a Sofar Sounds show in 2015. As with most Sofar gigs, they played a stripped back acoustic set, with nothing more than a few guitars, a snare drum and their voices. “Stripped back” may in fact be the wrong description here: Flyte rarely even need their guitars to blow audiences away, as they often choose to cover indie hits using just their vocal harmonies. Their version of ‘Archie, Marry Me’ by Alvvays is a prime example of this. Beautiful, right?!

Well, since this splendid introduction, Flyte went on to release their critically acclaimed debut album, The Loved Ones in 2017. Tunes like ‘Victoria Falls’ and ‘Cathy Come Home’ showcase the band’s Beach-Boy-pitch-perfect harmonies and, when we finally witnessed a performance with their full set-up, we were totally bowled over.

The talent on display at a Flyte show is sure to have Deer Shedders rubbing their eyes in disbelief. You’re unlikely to hear such a combination of gorgeous harmonies, tightness of instrumentation and all-round supreme indie musicality from any other band in the country.

Slow Readers Club Spotify

The Slow Readers Club

The Slow Readers Club are one of the biggest cult band the UK music scene possesses in 2019. That is, if we’re still allowed to call them a “cult band” despite their 2018 album, Build A Tower, entering the album charts at no.18.

Following this release, the band finished 2018 with a string of gargantuan sold out shows at Manchester Apollo, London Scala and Glasgow School of Art. They are, by all intents and purposes, local Manc heroes – alongside other excellent new bands from the city, like Cabbage and Blossoms – that are now preparing for the international stage.

Topping the Friday In The Dock Stage bill at Deer Shed 10, which also features a mouth-watering succession of quality rock bands in Rascalton, Penelope Isles and PINS, Deer Shedders are in for a real treat. We are fully prepared for chants of “REEEADERS” reverberating all around the fields of North Yorkshire come July.

She Drew The Gun Spotify

She Drew The Gun

She Drew The Gun are a quartet from Liverpool original described as belonging to the “psych-pop” genre. Psych music typically thrives on Merseyside: on top of producing bands like Clinic, who have been making brilliant psych records since 1997, it also hosts the annual Liverpool Psych Fest.

Since those descriptions, however, singer-songwriter Louisa Roach and her band have, in our humble opinion, developed into one of the most important bands in the whole of the UK, spreading the message of equality, diversity and hope wherever they travel.

Their latest album Revolution of the Mind – released in October by Skeleton Key Records, one of our favourite northern labels – was hands down one of our favourites of 2018. It features incredible singles like ‘Resister’ which, according to Louisa, is a call to arms for those “who find themselves on the edges of society, it’s about not giving up, not becoming cold, keeping your heart open and resisting the powers that be in whatever way you can.” It goes without saying that the She Drew The Gun’s music packs as much punch, if not even more, than Louisa’s inspiring prose.



Over the last five years, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have established themselves as one of the North East’s finest noise rock bands, blazing a trail across the darker quarters of the underground scene with heavy riffs, raw power and rancour.

Their second studio album, King Of Cowards, released in September 2018, elevated the band to this lofty status, garnering the attention of national press and tastemaker blogs all at once, with The Guardian dubbing them “one of the bands to watch”, and Crack comparing the record to “bottling hellfire”.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in 2019 are widely regarded as a live band like no other. Shades of Iggy Pop, Sabbath, and Motörhead all combine to create a fuzzy, uplifting and inviting barrage of delectable noise. You can be sure the In The Dock PA system will be tested to the absolute max on Saturday night!

BC Camplight Spotify

BC Camplight

For many Deer Shedders in 2017, BC Camplight, aka multi-instrumentalist Brian Christinzio, was held as one of the best musical discoveries of the weekend after his spectacular performance on the Lodge Stage. Tunes from his masterful third album – How to Die in the North, his first solo endeavour for eight years – commanded an army of new fans to join his ranks.

It would have been all too rude, then, not to ask BC Camplight and his band back to Baldersby Park for Deer Shed 10 after the triumphant release of his new album, Deportation Blues, in August. The record revolves around Christinzio’s experience of being deported back to America from England, the country he’s called home for years. Truly horrible stuff, but the result is BC Camplight’s best work to date: an album filled with moody blues tunes reflecting on the adoptive Mancunian’s desperation, isolation and despair caused by his unjust displacement.

Despite this ordeal, BC Camplight will always be an honorary citizen of Deer Shed, and we are absolutely chuffed to welcome him back to Topcliffe in summer – this time to conquer the Main Stage!

John Bramwell Spotify

John Bramwell

On 5th July 2010, just before the first ever edition of Deer Shed Festival, one of our favourite bands of all time released one of our favourite albums of all time. The album in question was Sky At Night and the band in question was, of course, alternative rock icons I Am Kloot, fronted by the legendary John Bramwell.

Now, when I say this is one of our favourite albums of all time, I mean no hyperbole. In fact, we loved Sky At Night so much that, the following year, we decided to base the whole Deer Shed Festival 2 theme around it and do everything in our power to book the band for a UK exclusive headline performance.

Fast forward to 2018 when I Am Kloot’s John Bramwell fully released his long-awaited debut solo album – and it was certainly worth the wait! For obvious reasons, John is a song-writer very close to the hearts of all at Deer Shed. It therefore fills us with much pride to reveal that he will be performing songs from his new album as Friday headliner of our souped-up Pallet Stage. Oh, and he’ll also be playing a special late-night fireside set in the Wilderwild… who knows, we may even get to hear some of those old Kloot songs we all hold so dear.

Tracyanne & Danny Spotify

Tracyanne & Danny

In October of 2015, the world of music lost a phenomenal Glaswegian indie band, Camera Obscura, after the tragic passing of their keyboardist Carey Lander. The band’s singer and Carey’s best friend, Tracyanne Campbell, provided vocals on Public Service Broadcasting’s 2017 album Every Valley for the poignant song ‘Progress’, but the fleeting appearance left fans wondering if we would ever hear one of her own projects again.

The answer came in February of last year in the shape of debut single ‘Home and Dry’ from new duo, Traceyanne & Danny (Danny Coughlan, that is, the Bristol-based singer-songwriter of Crybaby fame). Their eponymous debut album followed, which deals with subjects of love and death with the profoundness only someone who has recently directly confronted the two, intertwining, could muster. The beautiful highlight is the Americana track ‘Alabama’, written as a tribute to Lander, which features the heart-breaking lyrics, “I couldn't hope/ For a better soul/ When I'm an old lady/ I'll still miss you like crazy, oh”.

I’m struggling, in all honesty, to convey just how ecstatic we are, not only that Tracyanne Campbell is back making our ears endlessly happy, but that she will also be making them endlessly happy live in North Yorkshire in a matter of months.

Tiny Ruins Spotify

Tiny Ruins

Tiny Ruins, aka Emily Fullbrook, is an artist that we expect to please immeasurably fans of both traditional folk music and the genre’s alternative contemporaries, like some of the incredible acts from last year’s Deer Shed line-up, This Is The Kit, Siv Jakobsen and Seamus Fogarty.

Fullbrook and her band’s sound combines intricate and delicate guitar playing with a voice that devastates and delights its listener all at once; one capable of transporting your mind to distant places of tranquillity and idyll, if you just close your eyes.

Creating a rare blend of eloquent lyrical craft and explorative musicianship, Tiny Ruins span delicate folk, lustrous dream pop and ebullient psychedelia all at once. After nearly ten years of delighting both crowds and critics alike, it is with great proud that we announce their Friday evening set on the Lodge Stage for Deer Shed 10.

WOOZE Spotify


Formed in late 2017 out of the Brixton-based Muddy Yard Collective, WOOZE are the Korean/British duo of Theo Spark and Jamie She.

They wrote the bulk of their early material in the studio they built in a disused builder's depot, including debut single ‘Hello Can You Go’. Following a series of introductory shows around London in late 2017/early 2018, WOOZE travelled to Seoul to film the video to ‘Hello Can You Go’ with K-Pop director Nuri Jeong.

Describing themselves as Pansori for the 21st Century (a traditional Korean music genre that consists of a drummer and singer storytelling through music), or alternatively "baroque ‘n’ roll", WOOZE’s debut offers an intriguing taste of what’s to come.

Self Esteem Spotify

Self Esteem

After watching Our Most Beautiful Friends – an honest depiction of the unfortunate circumstances that led to the break-up of Slow Club – it becomes clear that, while Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson together were a formidable musical force for years, sometimes things just run their course. It’s ok to mourn the loss of one of our favourite indie bands to have performed in Baldersby Park through the years, whilst celebrating simultaneously the potential for pastures new.

From the ashes of Slow Club rises the phoenix that is Self Esteem, Rebecca Taylor’s new solo project. The name is a humorous take on the idea that Taylor has embarked on a journey of empowerment through self-validation, but the music is that of a budding popstar heading towards the top of her game.

As Drowned in Sound note in a stellar review of Taylor’s debut album ‘Compliments Please’, “pop artists don’t have to stick to the same ol’ lovesick schmooze to land a hit, damn it. If we can rewire girls’ heads to value independence and their own ambition with a flourish of sassy strings, then I say let’s hijack the radio and get this party started.” Right on.

Flamingods Spotify


In the weeks prior to Deer Shed 7, back in 2017, we received the unfortunate news that one of our bands were pulling out and we had to find a replacement pronto. We frantically searched around, before Flamingods suddenly came on shuffle. Can we get them? Is it too short notice? Why don’t we already have them? All questions we were asking ourselves at the time. Thankfully, they went on to become one of the surprise discoveries of the weekend for many Deer Shedders.

Flamingods are a five-piece, multi-instrumental band formed in Bahrain in 2009. The group places specific focus on exploration and experimentation, often taking inspiration from different cultures around the world through the use of instrumentation from places like Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Japan and Tanzania.

Despite their constant search for the next mind-opening sounds from far-flung places, more familiar psych, pop and rock influences, like Animal Collective or Deer Hunter, are also prevalent. Flamingods’ sonic explosion of colour will return this year to the In The Dock Stage.

Piroshka Spotify


We’ve never curated our music line-up with the festival theme particularly in mind. The Generation XYZ theme is, however, very fitting for this band. The band itself is young. I mean younger than Gen Z young, having formed in 2018. The music, though, will transport you back to the ‘90s, with a sound that captures some of the most glorious moments of the era.

Piroshka is the UK’s newest supergroup, fronted by Miki Berenyi of Lush and joined by Elastica’s Justin Welch, Moose’s KJ McKillop and Modern English’s Michael Conroy. Announcing their intention to conquer the UK all over again, Berenyi said, “from the crushed and pulverised skulls of our conquered enemies rises the promise of a new dawn… ok, no, maybe keep it simple. Clean slate, fresh start – it’s all about the music.”

Elastica’s shoegaze pop draws influence from each member’s previous projects, and if their first two releases – ‘Everlastingly Yours’ and ‘What’s Next’ – are anything to go by, then debut album Brickbat is set to be one of the best of 2019.

Charles Watson Spotify

Charles Watson

For avid music fans, it can be pretty difficult to take when members of your favourite bands announce their intention to pursue projects away from that which you first fell in love with them through. That all too familiar tinge of sadness presented itself to us when indie duo Slow Club – who performed for us at Deer Shed 4 – announced their new solo projects. Sometimes these new endeavours aren’t a patch on what came before.

Charles Watson’s solo material, however, has absolutely delighted us. So much so that we’ve had his new album, Now That I’m A River, on repeat in the office and in our minds for the Deer Shed 10 line-up pretty much since its release in May. Not only is this Watson’s debut as a lone artist, but it also marks his first foray into production. Exploring his relationship with traditional harmony singing, he worked with sampled versions of his own voice to create unusual vocal textures.

Charles – and his Slow Club counterpart, Rebecca Taylor in her own solo endeavour, Self Esteem – has built on his brilliant band’s success with a phenomenal debut record, and we are so very, very glad to be bringing him back to Topcliffe in 2019.

Tom Williams Spotify

Tom Williams

Having first performed for us way back in 2011 (that’s Deer Shed 2 to me and you), and returning to Topcliffe no less than three times across nine years, Tom Williams is well and truly part of the furniture in Baldersby Park. Deer Shed 8 represented the first time Tom joined us as a solo project without his backing band, The Boat, which is a little ironic considering the typical British summer weather we had that year!

All Change, the album that convinced us to ask him back in 2017, was quite simply a masterpiece. Not only was it one of our favourite albums of that year, but it also made it into BBC 6Music’s prestigious ‘Albums of the Year’ list. Featuring blistering lead singles, ‘Everyone Needs A Home’ and ‘Little Bird’, the record provided the sound track to our summer and Tom proved to be one of the best Friday Main Stage openers we’ve ever had.

The folk-rocker returned in 2018 with the release of new single, ‘Early Morning Rain’, a slightly more downbeat, but equally stirring and contemplative, song than its recent predecessors. It just wouldn’t feel quite like a celebration of Deer Shed’s history without including this artist on the line-up for number 10.

Kathryn Joseph Spotify

Kathryn Joseph

The list of Scots taking over Deer Shed 10 just keeps on growing! We have our Scottish icon in Steve Mason, our handful of emerging indie bands and now we are very proud to introduce singer, pianist and master of melancholic song-writing, Kathryn Joseph.

After releasing her debut album,Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I’ve Spilled, at the age of 40, Joseph began to draw comparisons with PJ Harvey and Joanna Newsome, with the record ultimately winning her the 2015 Scottish Album of the Year. The follow-up to this record - From When I Wake The Want Is - could conceivably be regarded as the best album of 2018 across the whole of the UK.

In part, From When I Wake The Want Is is a record of transformation: it moves Joseph from the fledgling artist with very little self-confidence who took years to release her debut LP because she was “stuck behind the paranoia of the whole process; what would be the point of it and what if it wasn’t good enough?” to an accomplished auteur with a truly distinctive voice.

Pip Blom Spotify

Pip Blom

Dutch indie outfit Pip Blom – who originally began as a solo project for vocalist Pip, before blossoming into a full band project – are another act we’ve been hoping to book for a while now. In fact, since we were first blown away by them at Twisterella Festival in 2017, we’ve seen them a grand total of four more times! Clearly, we can’t get enough of this band.

And we’re not alone. According to tastemakers DIY Magazine, Pip Blom are “one of the most exciting rock bands to come out of the Netherlands in years.” Their upbeat post-punk sound shines through perfectly on most recent release, ‘Daddy Issues’, the first single from their debut album Boat.

Pip Blom are a band we’re very excited for Deer Shedders to see, and their Sunday afternoon Main Stage set will ensure we’re all suitably revved up for the first ever full Sunday night Deer Shed programme.

The Howl & The Hum Spotify

The Howl & The Hum

In 2017, whilst finalising the Deer Shed 8 line-up, we received a tip from friends that a certain band from York had been turning heads in the local live scene. ‘Godmanchester Chinese Bridge’ cemented our decision to find space wherever possible on the line-up for The Howl & The Hum and, my word, it was worth it. Deer Shedders flocked to our old Obelisk tent to watch one of the most hyped Yorkshire bands of the year.

The Howl & The Hum, in 2018, are still very much a blossoming band. Sometimes, with such young artists, it’s a case of crossing your fingers and hoping they catch a break that leads to widespread recognition of their work. With this particular band, however, it’s merely a case of biding time before they inevitably blow up.

As you’d expect from a band whose name was inspired partly by a Ginsberg poem (the other half, ‘the hum’, comes from their distinctive buzzing guitar tones, conjuring up a sound close to bands like Radiohead), their lyrics are thoughtful and highly intelligent. Don’t miss the TH&TH’s two – yes, two, you lucky Deer Shedders – sets on the Lodge and Pallet stages this year. It’s likely to be much harder to see them live in the future when the wider world has woken up to their immense talent.

You Tell Me Spotify

You Tell Me

Anyone who knows Deer Shed well knows we are absolutely obsessed with one of Sunderland’s finest ever musical exports, Field Music. They first appeared in 2012, and then again in 2016, before finally headlining our Main Stage on Sunday last year. As much as we’d love to, we can’t book them every year.

Luckily, one half or the Brewis Brothers, Peter, has started a new project and it’s equally brilliant. And, joined by Admiral Fallow’s Sarah Hayes, he’s not the only seasoned Deer Shedder in the band. They form the new super-duo You Tell Me in 2018 after meeting at a Kate Bush celebration concert, and we can’t get enough.

Their eponymous debut album is a perfect pairing of Brewis’ incredible pop song-writing talent and the contemporary of Hayes’ solo work, and we’re very lucky to have them opening the Main Stage on Sunday at Deer Shed 10.

Skinny Pelembe Spotify

Skinny Pelembe

Skinny Pelembe was born in Johannesburg, before moving to the UK to spend his formative years growing up in the Yorkshire town of Doncaster. He’ll be making the short trip up the A1 to Topcliffe this summer for a Sunday afternoon performance on our In The Dock stage.

A man of many talents, Pelembe is a singer, guitarist, producer and MC. He’s been championed early on in his budding career by the likes of our favourite tastemakers, BBC6 Music, whose stage at The Great Escape Festival gave the Deer Shed team our first experience of his supreme musical ability. Let us tell you now, Deer Shedders are in for such a treat!

Fusing elements of soul, Afrobeat and psychedelia, Skinny Pelembe’s sound is purpose built those for hazy mid-summer days spent at your favourite family festival.

K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade Sound Cloud

K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade

K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade are ready to bring the party to the Lodge Stage, late on Saturday night. The high-energy 9-piece Zongo Brigade, under the leadership of the outrageously talented whirlwind of energy that is Kweku Sackey (aka Ghanaian force of nature K.O.G), deliver infectious West African grooves.

Drawing on afrobeat, soul, funk, rock and reggae to create a totally original sound that never fails to get every single member of their audience dancing.

With KOG’s signature mix of songs, raps, operatic vocal effects, stage antics that would make Howling Wolf blush, plus a dedicated band of serious musical band-men, this band are likely to cause the biggest mass dance the Lodge Stage has ever encountered.

The Once Spotify

The Once

Newfoundland has a storied history of stunning songwriters, poets and players. It’s also the place our Wilderwild water rescue dogs originate from: they were used as working dog to pull nets for fishermen and haul wood from the forest. This year, unfortunately, the Newfoundland pups will have to settle for being the second most popular Canadian attraction at Deer Shed, with the arrival of Pallet Stage headliners, The Once!

Named after a Newfoundland phrase that means “imminently”, The Once are an acoustic folk and Americana trio known for their succinct, three-part vocal harmonies – often performed unaccompanied – and their compelling mix of traditional and original material.

With their headline set on the Pallet Stage, the Canadian band are yet more proof that Deer Shed’s international reach is expanding year on year.

Laurel Spotify


2018 was a huge year for Laurel Arnell-Cullen, also known as Laurel. After releasing her highly anticipated debut album DOGVIOLET, she secured herself a support slot on KT Tunstall’s 2019 UK tour.

Her music has much soul, with a powerful voice that naturally draws comparisons to greats like Amy Winehouse. But it is Laurel’s rock ‘n’ roll edge that makes her such a star. ‘Adored’ is full of swagger and attitude, as Laurel belts out the opening line, “You've been wasting my time, honey”. Capable of the quieter, more reflective and melancholic moments too, Laurel’s debut opens with the understated ‘Life Worth Living’, which has amassed well over 3 million streams on Spotify.

The London-based musician is another next generation songsmith, showcasing the ability to control the whole creative process by writing, recording and producing all her music in her own bedroom studio. It’s time Laurel these songs were brought out of the bedroom studio and unleashed on the Deer Shed Main Stage!

Dylan Cartlidge Spotify

Dylan Cartlidge

Hands down, Dylan Cartlidge is the coolest young man in North Yorkshire. Moving to Redcar at the age of 16, he is quite assuredly one of North Yorkshire’s own and, after the airing of the dramatized documentary, The Mighty Redcar, he began to win the hearts of the rest of the country too. The story followed the rising star as he secured his first record deal with Universal and you can watch a short version of his story here.

On to the music, then: Dylan’s tunes to date are a glorious mix of psych, funk, and hip-hop, inspired by the chart pop of Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi he listened to growing up, as well as the likes of Rage Against the Machine and The White Stripes, whom he discovered later in life. His first release, ‘Love Spoons’, immediately propels you outside of your comfort zone, spitting bars at 100mph over his now-trademark bass riffs.

Dylan is another act appearing on the Deer Shed 10 line-up who you should catch right now – before too long it’ll be much, much harder to bag tickets to his shows.

Lisa O'Neill Spotify

Lisa O'Neill

Lisa O’Neill began composing music at an early age in her native Ireland, having moved to Dublin aged 18 to study music full time. From the outset, she was welcomed into the traditional folk scene pubs and venues around the city, where her singular voice, witty lyrics and observations on modern Irish life built her reputation early on as one of the country’s most unique talents.

Across her four studio albums to date, including 2018’s Heard a Long Gone Song, Lisa O’Neil’s writing is consistently immaculate, though her live performances, if possible, are even more treasured by her fans.

We defy you to attend Lisa’s set on Sunday’s Pallet Stage line-up and not feel completely moved by the raw emotional power of her voice. Combined with songs full of mirth and insight, plus the rapport she built with Deer Shedders when she last performed in 2015, Lisa O’Neill old-style folk intimacy makes her one of the most talented and endearing folk musicians around.

Willie J Healey Spotify

Willie J Healey

When Willie J Healey first signed to Columbia, their record label bods had hoped he might blossom into the next Ed Sheeran. What they had actually signed, however, is something far better than the coffee shop arena-coustics of Ed: an artist with a completely fresh sound whose song-writing, pleasingly, channels influences like Mac Demarco, Kurt Vile and Lou Reed in its softer moments, as well as Weezer and Dinosaur Jr. when the overdrive is ramped up.

Both of the Oxford based artist’s extended releases to date have been glorious in their own right, for different reasons. His debut album, People and their Dogs, features two of our favourite rock singles from recent years, ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’ and ‘People and Their Dogs’. Meanwhile, his recent EP, 666 Kills is filled with laid back, Americana instant classics. What unites them is Healey’s stunning self-production, which you can scarcely believe took place in his garage.

Columbia were correct that Willie is going to be a star. More our kind of star, though – one that is sure to rise to the top due to the quality and consistency of his artistic output.


Pom Poko

Pom Poko are another recent signing by Brighton-based indie label Bella Union. It’s certainly easy to see why Simon Raymond and his team were so eager to snap them up – Pom Poko are like no indie band we’ve ever heard before.

The Norwegian four-piece’s debut single, ‘It’s A Trap’, as well as ticking the box of including a Star Wars reference in the title, is a piece of total guitar magic, with riffs our ears, let alone our fingertips on the fretboard, struggle to follow!

‘Crazy Energy Night’ is the latest high-octane sneak-peak at Birthday, a record that promises to fully unleash Pom Poko on the British music scene. Their punk attitude combined, with a nerdy knowledge of pop history, makes for an explosive package often compared to Le Tigre, Deerhoof and Duchess Says.

Penelope Isles Spotify

Penelope Isles

Penelope Isles create laid back indie music with a hint of grunge, not too dissimilar from the likes of Foster The People or, one of the most popular breakthrough acts on last year’s Deer Shed music line-up, Boy Azooga.

The Brighton-based four-piece recently signed to Bella Union – one of our favourite record labels, run by Simon Raymond of Cocteau Twins fame and home to the likes of Ezra Furman, Tiny Ruins and BC Camplight – and are set to release their debut album very soon.

Returning Deer Shedders will know we get just as much of a buzz out of showcasing brand new bands, hot off the press, as we do from internationally touring acts. If Penelope Isles aren’t yet on your radar, they certainly will be come July.

The Leisure Society Spotify

The Leisure Society

On the tenth anniversary of their first ever single (‘The Last of the Melting Snow’) in January, The Leisure Society released a new single entitled ‘God Has Taken a Vacation’, along with announcement of their fifth album, Arrivals & Departures. Tenth anniversaries seem to be a bit of a theme this year, right..?

Fittingly, on the back of this news, The Leisure Society have agreed to perform in Baldersby Park for the first time since 2011. Musically, ‘God Has Taken a Vacation’ is a joy, but it’s not without a dose of sorrowful lyricism, as song-writer Nick Hemming recalls emotions from a recent break-up. "I started writing the song about my break up, but world events started finding their way in too. Division, borders, a loss of hope. There were a lot of shared themes." he explains.

As if this lead single isn’t enough to get us excited about Arrivals & Departures, the record also features contributions from Brian Eno and poet Liz Berry, while it was mixed by Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Nick Cave, These New Puritans). That is some pedigree for one record and we are beyond excited to hear the result live this summer as The Leisure Society headline our Pallet Stage!

Rascalton Spotify


Scotland is seriously spoiling the rest of the UK with its huge output of young, emerging bands, to a point where there are simply too many of them we want to book! Perhaps in future years we should create a stage purely for this purpose, but until then we’ll just have to settle for the absolute cream of the crop…

Rascalton are a four-piece garage rock band from Glasgow whose limited releases to date – like singles ‘Is This It’ and ‘Alone’ as well as their blistering four-track EP C S C – prove beyond any reasonable doubt that their ability to write ferocious, straight-talking punk songs will take them very far indeed.

After seeing Jack, Steve, Mark and Greig live at Twisterella Festival in October, we simply had to get them booked in for Deer Shed 10. It’s rare to find a rock band these days with so much talent, yet so little pretence. So here Rascalton are, as you see them, as you hear them on record, ready to absolutely hammer your senses with the very first In The Dock performance of the weekend.

Lauran Hibberd Spotify

Lauran Hibberd

Humorous, infectious and charismatic in equal measure, Isle Of Wight’s rising sensation Lauran Hibberd thrives once more with anthemic single Hoochie, firmly solidifying her growing status within the UK’s emerging indie elite.

Buzzing across the airwaves with BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders all throwing their support behind the young musician, Lauran’s witty, off-kilter approach continues to attract glowing praise from the online community publications like The Line Of Best Fit, Clash and The 405.

Lauran Hibbard has rightly been comparison to contemporaries like Courtney Barnett and Phoebe Bridgers, while Deer Shed favourites Honeyblood also stand out as potential influences on her grunge sound.

RedFaces Spotify


Sheffield really has a bit of a knack for nurturing world class contemporary rock bands. Last year’s Deer Shed Main Stage headliners Drenge are a fine example of this and it’d be rude not to give a mention to that rather decent band of Alex Turner’s.

RedFaces are Sheffield’s latest great rock export. They burst onto the scene in 2016, with debut single ‘Kerosene’. It features three minutes and fifteen seconds of blistering guitar and bass riffs, relentless rhythms and soaring, harmonised vocals. What more could you want?!

Fast forward to the of release of ‘Way Down’ last year and the point where it became clear that RedFaces weren’t just blessed with the ability to write anthemic rock songs, but also a capability to produce more thoughtful, reflective tunes. In the words of Gigslutz, “these are songs built to stand out on large festival stages”. Fittingly, then, RedFaces are set to open the Deer Shed Festival 10 Main Stage in true style.

Gently Tender Spotify

Gently Tender

Gently Tender only formed in summer of 2018 and their debut singles, ‘2 Chords Good’ and ‘Avez-vous déjà’, are very much still hot off the press.

So what else do we actually know about them? Well, we know they’re made up of members from two brilliant indie bands of recent years: Sam Fryer, Pete Mayhew and Will Doyle, all formerly of Palma Violets, and Celia Archer of The Big Moon. Add guitarist Adam Brown to that mix, and you end up with more than enough indie pedigree to guarantee a long production line of quality songs to follow those already released.

According to Fryer, the band are “very excited for where we can take it and what we’ve done as a band together - we’re well on the way to who we really want to be.” It’s going to be a real treat to see the live in Baldersby Park the resulting natural evolution of such talented musicians.

Lucia Spotify


Lucia is another diamond in the exciting hotbed of talent that is the current Scottish and, more precisely, Glaswegian music scene. The singer-songwriter first picked up her guitar in her mid-teens, before honing her craft as a busker on the city’s bustling Buchanan Street.

Lucia’s take on the Glasgow music scene represents, in our humble opinion, how creative environments can be at their best: “It’s actually really amazing how there’s no competition at all. We all record each other's music, help each other with music videos […] It saves you a lot of money when you’re at this stage, just trying to get to that point where you can eventually make a living out of what you love doing,” she summarises.

For an artist that has only just entered her 20s, Lucia’s output of consistently excellent tracks to date is quite astonishing. Most recent releases such as ‘Summertime’ and ‘Melted Ice Cream’ are anthemic indie hits which resonate on first listen and will sound simply glorious in the North Yorkshire sunshine.

Adult Mom Spotify

Adult Mom

Adult Mom began as the solo project of Stephanie Knipe in a Purchase College dorm room in 2012. Adult Mom now falls between the playful spectrum of solo project and collaborative band with beloved friends and musicians.

Through reflections and explorations of the personal and hidden, the crux of the writing produced by Knipe is focused on excavation. The dredging out of secrets, putting it all in a pan, waiting for the gold to rise. Honesty and intimacy form as Knipe writes clever pop songs that offer a glimpse into the journey of a gender-weird queer navigating through heartache, trauma and subsequent growth.

Adult Mom’s two albums to date,Momentary Lapse of Happily and Soft Spots, blew us away upon their subsequent releases and we are very lucky to have them on our Saturday Pallet Stage line-up.

Bess Atwell Spotify

Bess Atwell

According to Wonderland Magazine, Bess Atwell is "your new ethereal folk-pop princes”. In 2015, not long after dropping out of university to pursue music, Atwell garnered the attention of major news outlets after a slew of showcases for The Great Escape Festival.

The Independent and The Guardian were amongst those championing Atwell’s performances, describing her as “a promising folk poet of suppression and inner anxiety” and “a gifted singer-songwriter with a voice like slow, cool water”.

Two years on from her debut album, the former solo project has evolved into a full band, soaked in four-part vocal harmonies that fulfil Atwell’s desire to create a more dynamic live show, with traces of traditional folk music. With influences like Sharon Van Etten, Fleet Foxes, and Carole King, Bess Atwell is sure to be a hit among Deer Shedders when she plays the weekend’s opening set on the Deer Shed 10 Lodge Stage.

Walt Disco Spotify

Walt Disco

Walt Disco are yet another Glaswegian rock band taking the UK by storm. They’ve so far released just four singles, but the buzz they’ve created – hailed already as one of the most thrilling live bands Scotland has produced in years – resembles that of a band already into multiple albums territory.

With a sound that takes inspiration from bands like Orange Juice, the post-punk, indie pioneers of the ‘80s Scottish scene, Walt Disco produce crooning vocals, angular guitar riffs, dark shimmering synth hooks and jagged pop rhythms. The result is the creation of a dark musical space, complete with lyrics on lust, loss and everything in between.

Walt Disco are a shoe-in to be one of the biggest breakthrough bands of 2019 and they join Rascalton and Lucia on the Deer Shed 10 line-up as a trio of the fastest rising live acts Scotland has to offer.

Mi Mye Spotify

Mi Mye

If you’re after raw, personal song-writing ripped straight from the heart, then Mi Mye is the band for you. Frontman Jamie Lockhart grew up in Skerray, a small fishing village on the north coast of Scotland, but has since found another home in the West Yorkshire city of Wakefield.

Quietly, but surely, Lockhart’s beautifully crafted repertoire of songs has built him up to be something of a cult icon in his adoptive home, in part due to his profound encounters with Yorkshire cityscapes and urban life featuring prominently in his poetic lyrics.

Fusing stark Bukowskian observations of human depravity in the city with the sensitivity of modern songwriters like Conor Oberst or Dan Bejar, Mi Mye are masters of pulling at the listener’s heartstrings and engrossing them in the magical world of his work.

Advance Base Spotify

Advance Base

Owen Ashworth, aka Advance Base, may be a familiar face for many. That’s because he spent most of his time during his early career crafting lo-fi indietronica songs of isolation and heartbreak on a host of analogue synths, under the fitting alias, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

Ashworth, a Californian from Redwood City, created a new pseudonym in 2011, inspired by his previous incarnation’s 2009 album, Advance Base Battery Life. Animal Companionship is the amazing second album from this particular project, and we were awestruck as soon as we heard it. Advance Base’s own brand of indietronica is not dissimilar to that of Mark Kozelek or The Postal Service, but his former painful loneliness has now grown in to full artistic worldliness.

We’re chuffed to bits that Owen has agreed to travel all the way from sunny Cali to perform for us in Baldersby Park this summer. After almost twenty years, he is still making utterly beautiful music.

Blair Dunlop Spotify

Blair Dunlop

Blair Dunlop is a magnificent, award-winning singer songwriter and guitarist whose records just keep getting better and better. The wonderful writing featured on his latest release, Notes from an Island (his third solo album to date, after the artist’s breakaway from The Albion Band), ¬centres around young love, heartbreak and subtle, but highly astute, political and social commentaries on isolationism.

Not content with just being an accomplished folk performer, Dunlop also played Willy Wonka (junior) in the most recent revamp of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, featuring Johnny Depp. We love a bit of trivia at Deer Shed!

We have no doubt Blair Dunlop’s tunes resonating around the Lodge stage will win the hearts of fans of both contemporary indie and traditional folk all at once.

Callum Pitt Spotify

Callum Pitt

Taking influence from a very satisfying list of bands, like The War On Drugs, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, indie-folk newcomer Callum Pitt combines finger-picked folk riffs with an astonishing vocal range.

The Newcastle-based songsmith’s debut track, ‘You’d Better Sell It While You Can’, received airplay from BBC Radio and our friends over at Amazing Radio, as well as widespread acclaim from the likes of DIY Magazine and The Tipping Point. His second release, ‘Least He’s Happy’ propelled him into the viral stratosphere, with 1.6 million Spotify streams at the time of writing.

A rising star of the North East, Callum’s lyrics reflect the idealism of indie folk predecessors Mumford & Songs, with melodies so lovely they seem to float around your head for some time, even after he has finished playing.

Junior Brother Spotify

Junior Brother

Hungover at mass. A phenomenon not often spoken of among the procession, or so we assume, but all of that is changing with Junior Brother’s Catholic confessions. The Co. Kerry singer-songwriter – also known as Ronan Kealy – crafts experimental alt-folk melodies and lyrics, the likes of which even the most dedicated folkie is unlikely to have ever heard before.

We first discovered this ground-breaking artist on (swoon) Cillian Murphy’s BBC 6 Music takeover show. Kealy’s lyrical humour and ingenuity becomes apparent immediately in the brilliant first lines of ‘Hungover at Mass’: ‘I cannot face communion / I’ve got to go away / The food in my intestine / Does not want to stay’.

Kealy developed a strong love of music from an early age, writing his first song at 9 years old after teaching himself guitar on a banged-up nylon acoustic and we are counting on his unique poetic voice inspiring a host of similarly talented young folk at Deer Shed 10.

Amy May Ellis Spotify

Amy May Ellis

Alongside The Howl and The Hum, Amy May Ellis is one of the most promising artists to come out of York’s grass roots music scene in recent years.

After growing up in the North Yorkshire Moors, she has played headline show's around the UK, Ireland and Europe as well as guesting for artists such as Michael Chapman, Rozi Plain, Alessi's Ark, Jackie Oates, Hiss Golden Messenger, Tiny Ruins, Ryley Walker and Willy Mason.

Her full band debut EP, Weathered by Waves was recorded in York at Crooked Room Studio, and has received support from BBC introducing, BBC 6 Music and Rough Trade. ‘We Got Fire' is Amy's second EP, recorded with her band mainly in a Farmhouse in North Yorkshire, which is set to be launched on 26th April at The Band Room in Farndale.

Living Body Spotify

Living Body

Living Body is the new project from Leeds-based Chicagoan Jeff T. Smith (aka Juffage) featuring long-time collaborators Katie Harkin (Sky Larkin, Wild Beasts, Sleater-Kinney, Flock of Dimes) and Tom Evans (Vessels). Rising from the ashes of their acclaimed ‘Sonic Cauldron’ concert at Left Bank Leeds, the group is now augmented by Alice Rowan (Mayshe-Mayshe) & Sarah Statham (Esper Scout).

Following their evolution into a live band in summer 2016, the group has toured extensively throughout the UK, EU and North America, including a performance at SXSW. Their debut LP Body Is Working received acclaim from the likes of Stereogum, Drowned In Sound, The Skinny, God Is In The TV and Louder Than War, as well as airplay on BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio.

Expanding on the need for music to bring joy into the lives of others, and Smith’s fascination with the contortion of the pop song into a uniquely imaginative and immediate form, Living Body are both righteous storytellers and a damn fine local band.

Ruthie Spotify


Ruthie – also known by her real name, Naomi Baguley – creates a blend of nostalgic folk rock, delectable electronics and dreamy vocals on her early singles.

Still hot off the press, ‘Spirit Now Moves’ begins with twinkling synths and continues to captivate throughout. ‘What Kind of Woman’ is an introspective piece with blissful crescendos providing a fitting response to the lyric, “What kind of woman would I be?”

We often like to show off local talent when opening the Pallet Stage and Ruthie and Nina Cobham, two of the newest and most promising artists to emerge from the city’s scene so far in 2019, are sure to provide a perfect soundtrack to the afternoon slots.

Look Mum No Computer You Tube

Look Mum No Computer

In the world of electronic engineering and music technology systems, Look Mum No Computer, aka Sam Battle, is top dog. He is, in fact, so creative with his inventions that it’s impossible to pick a best one: his circuit-bent Bible, synth bike and Furby organ with over 45 Furbies, all wailing to a different note (yes, really) are all contenders. There is nothing he won’t consider turning into a musical instrument.

He also represents, in our opinion, YouTube at its best. Unique, personalised content from talented people, talking about or demonstrating their passions. Less of that PewDiePie nonsense, and more of the likes of Look No Computer, please!

LMNC will open Sunday’s In The Dock line-up at Deer Shed 10, providing the requisite kick-start to the day with his monstrous modular creations.

Michael Clark Spotify

Michael Clark

First, some backstory. It sometimes comes up in office conversation that our Oliver, Deer Shed director, actually performed at Glastonbury 1998, with the cult indie band, Sunhouse. They released a critically acclaimed debut album, Crazy on the Weekend, that same year, before splitting in 1999. Sunhouse’s frontman, Gavin Clark, was a supremely talented vocalist and songwriter, who worked extensively with film director Shane Meadows, including on the score for This Is England. Gavin sadly passed away in 2015.

From his time touring with Gavin, Oliver remembers a lovely blue-eyed kid called Michael – Gavin’s son. As soon as we heard that Michael Clark, 21 years later, was planning to get out on the road to release his debut EP, Something to Be Won, we wanted him to perform at Deer Shed 10. Michael, like his father, writes music that you don’t just hear, but you feel too.

Something to Be Won, is an extraordinarily beautiful and melancholic debut release, with definite shades of Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and Thom Yorke, which promises much to come from the young, London-based songsmith.

Nina Cobham Spotify

Nina Cobham

Nina Cobham is one of the youngest performers anywhere on the Deer Shed line-up. She is currently studying at the Manchester branch of BIMM, an institution which has produced global superstars like George Ezra and The Kooks, as well as members from current breakthrough bands like Idles and Fontaines DC.

With pedigree like that, we’d be silly not to take advantage of the incredible talent pool of budding musicians available at BIMM, and Nina Cobham is our pick of the bunch this year. Her debut single, ‘Camomile Tea’, is a beautiful piece of melancholic dream-pop reflecting soulfully on themes of love, anxiety and isolation, from the perspective of a young artist finding their way in the modern age.

Nina Cobham’s lyrical maturity, coupled with a dulcet voice capable of captivating any audience, makes for the ideal opening Pallet Stage set of the weekend.

George Quinn

George Quinn

We view a performance from Leeds-based singer-songwriter George Quinn as the ideal way to kickstart your weekend of music.

Playing never heard before new tunes from his forthcoming band, George Quinn & The Imbeciles, George will treat Deer Shedders to, in his own words, “simplified, straight up rock ‘n’ roll, with the fat chewed off”.

Last year, George’s late-night fireside session, along with that of Niki Stevens, was a festival highlight for many. We’re delighted he will return to the Wilderwild later in the evening, after opening the Pallet Stage, for his second set in one day. We do like to keep you busy, George!

Smoove and Turrell

Smoove and Turrell

The story of Smoove & Turrell began in the post millennium North East of England with a group of working class lads and a shared passion for soul. Now, in 2019, the band are widely regarded as Newcastle’s finest soul band, having released five critically acclaimed albums to date, each one pioneering new routes in the “Northern Soul” genre. We could think of no other duo more perfectly suited to DJ’ing Deer Shedders into the small hours on the last night of our tenth anniversary celebrations. Smoove & Turrell, with their guaranteed and irrepressible dancefloor euphorics, will take the Deer Shed Sunday night silent disco party to completely new levels!

Hattie Pearson

Hattie Pearson

Hattie Pearson moved to Manchester almost a decade ago, so it’s safe to say she’s now a fully-fledged adoptive northerner! Since then she has become a well-known DJ across the Manchester club scene, with residencies at The Deaf Institute and Albert’s Schloss. Her club night, Girls on Film, is an exploration of the best ‘80s tunes known to man, while you can find her spinning more great tracks during the weekends for the popular radio channel, Hits Radio.

Rory Hoyn

Rory Hoy

Not too many DJs have a collection of fans that includes mixing royalty, but Rory Hoy is a firm favourite of Craig Charles, Fatboy Slim and Afrika Babbaata. Rory is in his spiritual home when stood behind the decks. Fresh from the release of his critically acclaimed book on the 1990’s Big Beat scene, ’The Little Big Beat Book', which includes interviews with artists like Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy, you can hear the multi-award winning disc spinner win the hearts of Deer Shedders all over again at the Big Top Saturday night party.

Across the Tracks

Across the Tracks

Manchester club night Across The Tracks has been stirring up dancefloors in clubs and at festivals since 2005. From its funk and soul foundations, the night has flourished into a melting pot of house, disco, indie, breaks, hip-hop, electro, RnB and pop gems. Their club night is about finding great new music, but also revisiting the classics to create the perfect party. Discerning, diverse and dedicated to the dancefloor, one night like this a year will see you right.



If you’ve stepped foot in the Deer Shed science tent before, it’s likely you’ll recognise Baba&Ganoush, our resident disc jockey tutors, teaching the next generation all about the 1s and 2s. The Leeds-based DJ and production duo take influence from an eclectic range of genres but are most likely to be found behind a pair of decks spinning their selection of house, disco, techno and world music. We’re unleashing them from the confines of the science tent at Deer Shed 10, with the challenge of getting you lot moving to their hypnotic grooves on Friday afternoon.

Mr Toad

Mr Toad

After a relatively late start in the world of DJ-ing, Mr Toad, aka Will McIntosh, has made it his mission to encompass his love of all genres with high energy live performances. Cutting his teeth in the Leeds Psytrance scene, Will has played underground parties like Sunrise, Remedy and Kulu. From psy-breaks to techno, acid house to jungle, you'll be guaranteed a fun-filled reptilian rave!

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