Nadine Shah Spotify

Nadine Shah

We often say, some artists just belong at Deer Shed... After each festival we’ll sit down and chat about who we think might come back and headline one day. After Nadine Shah’s Deer Shed debut there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that she would be back and topping the bill.

Hailing from (almost) our neck of the woods, Nadine Shah is a vital and poetic voice in contemporary music. Her music juggles the darkness and the light - gritty, jagged, expansive and wry all at once while her songs offer an honest and essential account of life in modern Britain.

Nadine’s latest release, Kitchen Sink, is a tour-de-force of vibrant post-punk, cutting social commentary and razor sharp observations. Eleven tracks, shot through with dark humour, complex themes and exciting musical ideas, Kitchen Sink was right at the top of our favourite albums of the last few years.

Nadine Shah is our Friday night headliner and we can't wait to see what her and her band have in store for us!

John Grant Spotify

John Grant

One of the great artists of his generation, John Grant’s career spans much of the last three decades - an even more impressive run when you consider the consistency, brilliance and sheer honesty of the music he has made, both in The Czars and throughout his deep catalogue of solo music.

An artist that never misses, his solo work effortlessly manoeuvres crushing depths, soaring highs, brutal wit and tender observations as he explores ever more exciting musical ideas. Your humble programme copy-writer’s first encounter with John Grant was at a festival in 2013 as he toured his untouchable solo album ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ - like many people I can vividly remember the first time I heard those songs and that voice as this towering presence beautifully, fearlessly and totally enraptured the lucky few thousand of us assembled.

This years theme for Deer Shed is ‘Pocket Planet’ and how appropriate that our Saturday headliner is a man like John Grant - an American, settled in Iceland via a number of other homes, fluent in German, Icelandic, Russian and Spanish (with some conversational French and Swedish thrown in) - a reminder of the power of a great artist to transcend language, borders and ideas.

Django Django Spotify

Django Django

We can tell you from experience that there is no better way to end Deer Shed than dancing in the fields of Baldersby Park to one of your favourite bands... So, it's brilliant news for us then that Django Django are stepping up to headline the Sunday of Deer Shed 12!

In many ways they feel like the perfect Deer Shed Festival band… as much at home in an indie-bangers DJ set as they are in the record collection of a left-field music aficionado.

One of the most thrilling things about Django Django is that they’re so hard to describe. Their latest album ‘Glowing In The Dark’ features songs like ‘Free From Gravity’ that sound like Peter Gabriel got into modular synths while recording ‘So’ while it’s preceding track ‘Waking Up’ finds Charlotte Gainsbourg joining the band for a cosmic, electronic folk-rock song about the open road...

Bonkers, brilliant, hard to pin down. We like to think we’ve found some kindred spirits here...

Self Esteem Spotify

Self Esteem

Obviously we want to play it cool in the programme copy... obviously... but there is not a lot we are more hyped for this year than the return of Self Esteem! After releasing one of the unquestioned stand out releases of the year / decade / century last year with 'Prioritise Pleasure', bringing Rebbeca Lucy Taylor and her band back to Deer Shed was a definite priority.

We want people to leave Deer Shed feeling empowered, confident, beautiful and happy and truly, who better is there to lead this revolution than Self Esteem? After joining us in 2019 for an iconcic performance, it's been amazing to watch Self Esteem go from strength-to-strength, picking up critical and commercial acclaim while making forward thinking pop music that can change your life. RLT returns to Deer Shed a bonafide Pop Star and frankly, it's about time.

Dry Cleaning Spotify

Dry Cleaning

To most people, getting your dry cleaning done is a total chore; a fairly arduous task that you can seemingly find yourself putting off forever. Strangely then, how this is the total opposite of how we feel about Dry Cleaning: the band. We’ve had our eyes set on Dry Cleaning for quite some time, and after the release of their sensational debut album this year, we felt it was finally time to bring them to Baldersby Park. Perfectly equipped with all the necessary components of a noisy post-punk band, the four-piece really set themselves apart with vocalist Florence Shaw's unconventionally surreal lyrics and unflinching dry monologue. Is it art-rock? Is it spoken word poetry? We're not really sure, but we love it.

In critically acclaimed ‘New Long Leg’ (hello, Pitchfork 'Best New Music'), the South London band continue on their impressive trajectory, cutting their own distinctive path amongst the very best of British alternative music. Oh and did we mention their sublime and heavily sought-after live show? That part you'll just have to come and discover for yourselves.

Yard Act Spotify

Yard Act

If you've not been paying attention it might seem like Yard Act’s meteoric rise came out of nowhere, but in fact the band is a group of musicians who have been paying their dues and perfecting their art for years in some of Leeds’ finest DIY bands. This rich experience, as well as some well-timed living arrangements and an inspired idea led to a rare thing, the emergence of a brand new, fully formed band. Four musicians firing on all cylinders from the start.

An intoxicating mix of relentless, driving rhythm, minimalist instrumentation and inspired, angular guitar sets the scene for the acerbic and exuberant wordplay of frontman James Smith. Yard Act continue to take us deeper and deeper into their own world as we’re introduced to more characters and stories... Their observations are cutting, hilarious, tragic et al while never veering into callousness and steadfastly avoiding black and white morality. We sort of hate James’ ‘Graham’ character but also, we all have that uncle and he’s alright really... once you get to know him...

We’ve been lucky enough to welcome members of Yard Act to Deer Shed in many forms over the years – from main stage performances to running some truly great music sessions for kids and families on site, they really feel like part of the Deer Shed family already.

Snapped Ankles Spotify

Snapped Ankles

Like lots of people, our introduction to Snapped Ankles came in the form of their righteous single ‘Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin’ via Leeds’ ever spot-on Leaf Label.

Greeted with this wall of driving, enthralling sound that they called “agrocultural punktronica” and captured by their enigmatic, clever lyricism, we were already plenty intrigued...This only increased when we raced to see the band live, only to be met with four anonymous figures decked out in leaves, branches, horns and other bits of the forest… What followed was a sort of psychedelic-kraut rock pagan ritual for those of us lucky enough to assemble there.

Their performances are primal, euphoric and feral - best enjoyed in a space where you can truly give yourself over to the swirling electronics, Motorik beats and glorious strangeness of spectacle that is this wonderful band.

We were so excited for the band to make their Deer Shed debut in 2020 and beyond disappointed when that couldn’t happen. Bringing them back, at last, for Deer Shed 12 feels to us like righting some sort of cosmic imbalance... or something.

Billy Nomates Spotify

Billy Nomates

We’ve been superfans of Billy Nomates since her self-titled debut in 2020 - we were in full agreement with the rapturous acclaim it went on to receive. The first thing that caught the attention of our eyes and ears was her raucous defiance and the fearless direct statements of social commentary. It felt empowering to hear this one-woman-whirlwind-post-punker perform with such fully-loaded, genuine passion.

A period of depression brought a musical drought until witnessing a crucial Sleaford Mods show. Their set reignited Billy's desire to create, and they also went on to become an important collaborator and champion of her music. Having recently released 2021’s incredible EP ‘Emergency Telephone’, Billy has gone from strength to strength and her live show is the greatest reflection of the sheer hard work and determination put into her releases; we're certain her Deer Shed appearance will be an occasion we'll come to cherish for years to come. Fierce, flawless and formidable. We think that’s the most explicit way of putting it.

Alfa Mist Spotify

Alfa Mist

As much as we love dancing about and singing at the top of our lungs, sometimes it's just time to slow down a bit and really take in the festival atmosphere. In which case, Alfa Mist is the perfect soundtrack to make you feel like you're in a dream you never want to wake up from. To our ears, his unique and exciting take on jazz through the lens of lo-fi hip-hop brings to mind the influence of sampling producer greats such as J Dilla and Madlib, with those slightly off-kilter pushed beats combining with tastefully lush piano lines to create something truly new and exciting.

Jazz in the UK is having an incredibly exciting moment - its current crop of trailblazers and visionary artists pushing the genre ever forward, and Alpha Mist is an artist sitting at the heart of this exciting movement. 2017 saw the release of his breakthrough record, Antiphon and since then has only gained momentum. As much as sometimes you want an artist to be your own little secret, it's always a highlight to see an artist develop and outgrow the smaller, more intimate venues. His tireless efforts have paved the way for the opportunities inherited to a new wave of young jazz musicians. Prepare for Alfa and his magical band to bring their collective talents to the table for Deer Shed 12. If this is the future of UK jazz, consider us hooked.

Pip Blom Spotify

Pip Blom

Here at Deer Shed we're huge advocates for keeping things simple. Tender melodies that get firmly lodged in your head, fun scuzzy-pop hooks and a real sense of confident ease and uncomplicated brilliance. In our humble opinion, throw these things together and you've got an instant formula for success. Such was the immediacy of the way we totally fell in love with Pip Blom when we first saw them live at Twisterella 2017 (and another five times after that!). The Dutch indie outfit originally came to life as a solo project for vocalist Pip, before evolving into a full band. And what a band they are.

Isn’t it great when you stumble across a set and they immediately become your new favourite act? Ridiculously tight musicianship, and an unmatched live energy as if they could sponaneously combust at any moment; a totally perfect pairing resulting in organised chaos. After their incredible Main Stage set during the last full Deer Shed in 2019, we just knew we had we had to bring them back. With the likes of Franz Ferdinand, The Breeders and Garbage inviting the Amsterdam bunch to tour with them, we'd dare anyone not to not fall head over heels for them after witnessing their enchanting live performances.

The Lovely Eggs Spotify

The Lovely Eggs

The Lovely Eggs are absolutely one of the all time great DIY bands - a self-sustaining whirlwind of psych-punk, crushing guitars, unabashed joy and sheer community spirit...

We’ve seen The Lovely Eggs more times than we’d like to say, due in no small part to them being one of the hardest working and hardest touring bands in the country. These shows, a seemingly endless run of sold out tours and festival appearances, function more as community gatherings - a refuge from everyday life and a celebration of the weirdest, most spontaneous and the happiest bits of being a person. Darlings of BBC 6 Music, their music is heavy, vital psychedelic punk, shot through with brilliant surrealism and an ever-present, irrepressible pop sensibility.

The band invite us to join them in their own universe, in Eggland and, considering its binding ethos of fierce artistic independence, empathic collectivism and exploring all that is strange and silly, who are we to refuse?

Katy J Pearson Spotify

Katy J Pearson

Imagine classic country road songs, imbued with the timeless panoramic writing of the great American songwriters of the 70’s matched with unmistakable British indie sensibilities and you are close to understanding the kind of music Katy J Pearson is currently wowing an ever-growing audience with.

Hailing from the hills of the West Country, Katy J Pearson writes music with an incredibly keen sense of place. Forget SXSW; this is South by South West of England. We’d followed Katy’s musical journey for quite some time and after an iconic performance at Base Camp Plus, we were desperate to invite her back for another performance, this time so the full Deer Shed audience can get a chance to see this incredibly exciting new songwriting talent.

You know when you just know an artist is destined for big things? We like to think Deer Shed is place where people can enjoy their favourite music, but equally, we also pride ourselves on creating and maintaining an environment for emerging artists to flourish and for you all to find your new favourite artist. We’re betting on that favourite new artist being Katy J Pearson.

Bleach Lab Spotify

Bleach Lab

The first thing that hits you listening to promising dream pop newcomers Bleach Lab is the sheer quality of singer Jenna Kyle's ethereal vocals, bringing to mind the likes of Hope Sandoval and Liz Fraser but with a directness and clarity that is entirely her own. Elsewhere, chorus-drenched guitars and atmospheric soundscapes combine to devastating effect, landing somewhere in the vicinity of 'Disintegration' era The Cure, and Slowdive. Musically speaking Bleach Lab are so far up our street that at this point they're practically living in our front garden, and we're not even mad about it.

Having released two excellent EP's in 2021 including the latest 'Nothing Feels Real', the South London quartet have quickly established themselves as one of the capital's most compelling live acts, and are shortly due to temporarily wave goodbye to their hometown to embark on their first UK headline tour. Trust us when we say you won't want to miss their eagerly-awaited Deer Shed appearance!

John Francis Flynn Spotify

John Francis Flynn

Already a force to be reckoned with, being a founding member of Dublin-based folk group Skipper’s Alley, John Francis Flynn’s debut solo album ‘I Would Not Live Always’ absolutely floored us in 2021.

Flynn’s steadfast, unwavering delivery of tales old and new is wrapped by traditional instrumentation and experimental, warbling tape delay to produce a record that floats out of time, at once warm and familiar but also sometimes strange and alien.

The Guardian adore the record just as much as we do, naming the Rough Trade release their Folk Album of the Year this past December. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with it too.

Denise Chaila Spotify

Denise Chaila

Rapper-singer-poet Denise Chaila has made a name for herself as one of the most exciting new Irish artists around. Her standout track ‘Anseo’ is razor sharp track that deftly and playfully explores a wide array of cultural references over inspired production. It’s no surprise to us that she was the highest-charting Irish female artist of 2020 and the worthy winner of the RTÉ Choice Music Prizes esteemed Album of The Year award for debut mixtape ‘Go Bravely’.

Backing up her award winning debut with a string of towering live performances on TV and at festivals around Ireland and the UK, she has cemented herself as one to watch.

The Zambian-born Limerick MC is a fearless creator, flouting conventions and establishing herself as one of the most important voices in music on her own terms. This is an artist in the ascendancy, Denise Chaila will be huge before long and we feel very lucky she is stopping by Deer Shed for a glimpse at just why...

Balimaya Project Spotify

Balimaya Project

Formed in 2019, Balimaya Project are a 16 piece collective from London who fuse Mandé folk music with jazz and ancient folklore to create thrilling, polyrythmic and dynamic music. Founded by percussionist and band leader Yahael Camara Onono, the group is built on the foundation of forging musical and cultural ties from all walks of life, from a place of integrity, authenticity and inspiration.

The group explain to us "the word 'Balimaya' comes from the Maninka language and means the essence of kinship. In Mande society, the ideology of kinship is engrained in the moral fabric of its people. Family ties aren’t just limited to blood relations. The concept of extended family created by marriage, cousinage, shared history within ethnicities and deeds done for one another is complex, but adhered to with great pride.”

Balimaya Project is not only a powerful and inspiring collaboration between some of London’s most vital musicians, it’s also one of the best live shows going... trust us!

Steam Down Spotify

Steam Down

We like to think Deer Shed gives ample opportunity for you to tap out from the 'real world' and spend a weekend enjoying some of the loudest, most exciting artists and activities there is. As fun as this can be though, there are times when all you need is a moment of peace. What better soundtrack to this escape than some downtempo jazz experimentation, courtesy of Steam Down?

Founded by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Ahnansé in May 2017, Steam Down are an artist collective and musical community from South-East London who generate spontaneous sonic soundscapes reflecting their lives in the city.

Whoever you are and whatever you like, Steam Down want your participation so you'd best warm up those vocal chords!

Sinkane Spotify


Sinkane is one of the artists who was scheduled to join us for Deer Shed 11... the great lost Deer Shed...One of the most anticipated artists from that line up, we are incredibly grateful that the visionary Sinkane has decided to join us in the fields of Baldersby Park at last.

Sinkane describes his 2019 album Dépaysé as 'the story of an immigrant's journey of self-discovery in the Trump era' and is genre-smashing masterpiece. His poignant, thoughtful reflections on life as a Sudanese-American in the US are set to a backdrop of music that refuses to stay still as it bounces joyously between pop, funk, psychedelia, reggae, East African folk and so much more.

He tells us "Dépaysé is a place we can all know as home, with elements of all our homes.” - how lucky we are that Sinkane will be bringing it to Deer Shed.

The Mysterines Spotify

The Mysterines

The Mysterines are coming - Riffs! Choruses! Rock! The quartet from Liverpool have been gaining fans (including yours truly) left, right and centre with the uncomprising, bruising and poppy rock of their debut singles and EP's.

We strive to create a well-rounded musical experience for you when you're at Deer Shed and The Mysterines are here to provide some NOISE - we've been reading rave reports of their live shows and cant wait to get stuck in, down the front, In The Dock. It's a rare thing for some to 'open up the pit' at Deer Shed but maybe, just maybe, we'll see you in there for The Mysterines...

CMAT Spotify


It's not every day you hear debut singles that recount tales of breakdowns in famous chicken shop chains, but when they're as good as 'Another Day (kfc)', you'd be clucking daft (sorry) not to sit up and take notice: "Everyone was looking, so I cried some more, and doubled down on chicken for some moral support". Sensational stuff.

For some, becoming a self-proclaimed 'global pop star' in the middle of lockdown might sound kind of daunting. This wasn't the case for Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson, aka CMAT. Her distinct brand of 'Dublin country' is both charming and relatable, marrying an enchanting vocal style with a compelling narrative storytelling ability and an outlook that is pure pop in terms of both aesthetic and ambition. In her own words, 'Dolly Parton meets Weird Al Yankovic, mixed with Katy Perry.' Quite the combination.

The Irish singer has a beautiful knack for navigating life experiences in an effortlessly confessional manner whilst maintaining a wicked sense of humour in the process. After hearing her latest single, 'No More Virgos', it's safe to say we’re highly anticipating the release of her debut album early next year.

Samantha Crain Spotify

Samantha Crain

If you've ever heard Samantha Crain sing before, you'll have certainly remembered it. Armed with an incredibly powerful yet honey-sweet voice capable of stopping every listener and passerby dead in their tracks, her masterful way with words and melody is transportive and feels like a beautiful antidote to all of the ills and trials of the modern world.

The Choctaw singer-songwriter-producer had been on our radar for some time, and then 2020 album 'A Small Death' came along and well and truly stole our hearts. Signed to Deer Shed alumni Lucy Rose's excellent Real Kind Records label, Samantha's recent infectious single 'Bloomsday' has been tumbling around in our heads since its release last year. Expect her Lodge Stage set this summer to let a little more light into all of our lives.

Porij Spotify


One thing that really unites us here at Deer Shed HQ is a shared love of breakfast, i.e the very best meal of the day. Our approach to keep things exciting here is to regularly mix it up, which is evidently something we can hear we have in common with Porij from listening to their excellent debut mixtape....'Breakfast'.

Making dancefloor-ready tunes that borrow elements from house, art pop, r'n'b, funk, garage, new wave and beyond, the overall result is a sound unlike anything else we’ve listened to this year. Formed at university while in Manchester and wasting no time in hitting the ground running, the foursome's distinct collective talents have already led them to heavy national rotation on the air waves, along with on our own sound systems.

Bess Atwell Spotify

Bess Atwell

Bess Atwell is an artist full of questions, question on life, death, love and loss and how such profound things can easily become mundane when looked at in a different light.

Here at Camp Deer Shed, we’re really enjoying the refreshing candour and honesty in Bess’ songs. She explores not just the romance of relationships, but the uncomfortable bits that come afterwards too, evoking a rare connection between artist and listener that reminds us of Adrianne Lenker of Big Thief.

Bess opens up her whole world on stage, so let’s listen to what she has to say.

Adrian Crowley Spotify

Adrian Crowley

A seasoned storyteller and touring veteran who has honed his craft over years of consistent musical output, singer-songwriter Adrian Crowley's songs hold a certain mysterious power. At times moody and introspective yet always compelling, the particular magic of his work proves there's still plenty of beauty to be found in the bleak.

Signed to cherished Glasgow label Chemikal Underground and sometime involved in the Fence Collective scene along with old Deer Shed favourites King Creosote and James Yorkston, the Dublin-based musician has worked with some legendary producers over the years, from Shellac's Steve Albini to Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), and most recently longtime PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish at the helm for the fantastic 'The Watchful Eye'. The 2021 album marks one of his very best yet; we'll very much be waiting with bated breath to hear these new songs on the Lodge Stage at Deer Shed this July.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Spotify

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

Remember when Rock ’n’ Roll was fun? The boys from Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard sure do, and rightly so, as it’s in their blood; half the band are direct descendants of a bona fide Bay City Roller! The Buzzards have swapped Edinburgh for Cardiff and the tartan for double denim though, in homage to swaggering 70’s musical influences like Steely Dan, Neil Young, T. Rex and The Faces.

Snapped up by Communion Records in 2020, they’ve been keeping us sated with a run of EPs, but February saw Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard finally release their debut record, ‘Backhand Deals.’ As expected, it’s packed with pomp, bittersweet glitter and, most importantly, unadulterated fun. Right, we’re off to find our flares and grow our hair out, see you there!

The Bug Club Spotify

The Bug Club

Spurred on by founding members Sam and Tilly dropping out of uni, this life-affirming Welsh indie trio was born following what they have described as "a kick up the arse to start doing something we actually wanted to do". After some heroic and relentless gigging they were picked up by Bingo Records and released their first single - ‘We Don’t Need Room For Loving’ in February 2021. Rightfully, they quickly gained momentum, with airplay from Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music who swiftly booked the band for a post lockdown live session on air.

Working tightly as a group, the three write, record and perform in perfect harmony. The Bug Club's music is a blast of pressing drums, perfectly complimentary duel vocals and classicly grungey, indie guitars - all assets that set them at the front of the current crop of incredibly exciting Welsh indie bands. There's a playful bounciness to this band, making for an infectious delight and we're sure, an amazing live show.

We've been excited about The Bug Club for quite some time and to finally see them live is going to be a personal highlight for us!

deathcrash Spotify


According to them, deathcrash are a rock band from London, but, according to us, deathcrash are THE rock band from London. Their glacially slow post-rock effortlessly grows from delicate whisper through tectonic rumble to cloud busting roar and back again, as naturally as we draw breath.

In a world where we’ve all had to slow down, deathcrash have never been about going fast and it seems that people are starting to catch on. Their 2020 EP, released on enigmatic tastemaker label Untitled (recs), sold out in 24 hours and this year’s debut album, ‘Return’, has already garnered some serious accolades, receiving 9/10 from none other than Loud and Quiet. Come watch deathcrash move mountains.

Maja Lena Spotify

Maja Lena

You may well recognise the distinctive voice behind new contemporary folk project Maja Lena and that’s likely because it is the exciting new project of Marianne Parrish, who we already know and love as the former frontperson in our alt-folk faves Low Chimes.

Having already received high praise from the likes of Guy Garvey and Marc Riley on 6 Music and Chris Hawkins and Lauren Laverne on Radio 1, Maja Lena is a tender reinvention of Parrish as a solo songwriter and unique performer. Her debut album, ‘The Keeper’, is forged in the fires of self-doubt, Parrish says, after many years working in the comfort of collaboration.

There’s no doubt in our mind though, that this is a performance not to be missed.

ME REX Spotify


We pride ourselves in carefully selecting a line-up of incredible artists to suit all musical preferences! If you think you already have a favourite band, ME REX are ready to radiate good vibes from the Acorn stage and change your mind entirely…

Having taken a break from music for a few years, this South London group began life in 2018 in the home of songwriter Myles McCabe experimenting with shouty, electronic bedroom pop which somehow along the way became a sort of experimental-indie-folk hybrid that’s tricky to pinpoint, but what we do know is that it’s feel-good and absolutely brilliant.

Brooke Combe Spotify

Brooke Combe

Already a captivating singer, multi-instrumentalist songwriter and social media sensation; we’re lucky to have Brooke Combe on the Main Stage this year because we think she’s about to take over the world. Raised on a perfect playlist of ‘90s R&B and vintage Motown, Brooke’s songwriting draws from generations of solid gold anthems and stone-cold classics.

Steeped in experience and soul beyond her years, Brooke’s eclectic yet distinct collection of YouTube covers quickly caught the attention of everyone from James Skelly of The Coral to the Scottish men’s football team, catapulting her to viral stardom overnight. Not ready to slow down, Brooke has spent the last year releasing her own material, with incredible debut single ‘Are You With Me?’ quickly followed by slow jam supreme ‘A-Game’ and most recently the anthemic earworm ‘Impress You’. Oh Brooke, we’re more than impressed.

Kobi Onyame Spotify

Kobi Onyame

With five self-produced albums that jam together Afrobeat attitudes, Ghanaian Highlife rhythm and old school hiphop under his belt already, we think Glasgow-based experimentalist Kobi Onyame is most definitely on a roll.

Fresh off album number four, 2017’s ‘Gold’ being nominated for Scottish Album of the Year, Onyame’s 2021 offering ‘Don’t Drink the Poison’ was supported by the PRS Momentum Fund and is brimming with chopped up Fela Kuti groove and the rapper’s signature flow and vibe.

Opening track ‘ASEDA’ ends with Onyame thanking us for listening to him, so now its our turn to thank Kobi for coming down to see us this weekend!

Night Flight Spotify

Night Flight

London indie-folk quartet Night Flight first joined us at Deer Shed in 2018 following the release of their gorgeous debut EP Wanderlust and blew us away with their modern take on atmospheric, widescreen harmony-laden songwriting.

Making music that has roots in the iconic Laurel Canyon scene of the 60’s and 70’s with an unmistakable experimental energy, Night Flight take flawless, folk inspired songwriting, soaring vocal harmonies and add cinematic, reverb drenched guitars and layer upon layer of sonic beauty to create a sound that owes as much to open-minded experimentation as it does to the classic genre.

If you enjoy yourself some Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses or War On Drugs, then Night Flight might be your new favourite band... They take us to green fields - basking in the early evening sun, lost in song and totally at peace. Not bad hey?

Gasper Nali Spotify

Gasper Nali

Gasper Nali might live a modest life in Nkhata Bay, a small town on the northern shore of Lake Malawi but his music has been making some serious waves thanks to an old video of Gasper and his Babatoni quietly racking up over 18 million views.

What’s a Babatoni? We’re very glad you asked. Gasper’s Babatoni is a home-made, 3 metre-long, single-stringed bass guitar and it absolutely rules. Played with a stick and a glass bottle, the Babatoni produces simultaneous driving drum beats and contagious Afro bass lines that’ll no doubt get feet tapping whilst Gasper’s energetic singing and outright positivity will leave everyone at The Acorn Stage grinning from ear to ear.

Honeyglaze Spotify


Haiku-loving trio Honeyglaze are one of our favourite new bands and have been since the release of their debut single Burglar which, to our disbelief, was only last year... It was simple yet one of the most haunting & beautiful tracks we'd heard in a long time. In their own words, they describe themselves as “the ungodly fusion of 3 humans into a clamouring superorganism. It eats only fish, and demands undistracted and constant worship. FFO Power Rangers, Salvador Dalí”. Honeyglaze were exactly the type of new artist we want to champion at Deer Shed. Understated, timeless and calmly meditative music that will stay with you - we reckon you'll love it.

KEG Spotify


Take seven of Brighton’s most eclectic bunch, form a band and the result is a combustive brand of art-punk in the name of KEG - A collective culprit of their incredible diverse musical tastes they manage to confuse and charm us at the same time...

In their self review they propose “Bow down to our baroque styling, and gaze awestruck at the Behemoth power within our sonic nuggets.” Make of that what you will..."

Fehdah Spotify


Now we’re not often lost for words here at Deershed HQ, but Fehdah’s breathtaking blend of Afro-soul, ‘90s R’n’B, algorithmic electronica and percussive elements of Sierra Leonean Krio never fails to leave us speechless.

Having grown up in the Gambia and Sierra Leone, the now Ireland-based artist draws from her own unique melting pot of cultural inspiration, from Malian Wassoulou icon Oumou Sangaré to superstar DJ and design mogul Peggy Gou, to forge a genre that is entirely her own.

gPremiered on LA’s legendary radio station KCRW, Fehdah’s 2017 EP ‘Like No Other’ got people round the world talking about her cutting edge afrofuturism and every release since has reinforced the fact that there really is no one else like Fehdah.

Bull Spotify


You know when a song gets so lodged in your brain that it becomes the de facto hold music for your day to day life? We’ve had ‘Bedroom Floor’, the carefree fuzzy opener to Bull’s 2021 debut album ‘Discover Effortless Living’, as the unofficial internal soundtrack to every coffee break and 4.30pm daydream since we first heard it last March and we are most definitely not complaining.

Although the album is barely a year old, the York-based quartet have been honing their sound for the best part of a decade. Having first bonded over a love of quintessential 90’s US alt-rock icons like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr., Bull have since grown up together and played hundreds of shows in the process, further cementing their friendship and building a reputation as one of the tightest live acts on the scene. We cannot wait to hear these songs good and loud on the Acorn Stage and not just in our heads!

Treeboy & Arc Spotify

Treeboy & Arc

Treeboy & Arc have been pillars of the fertile Leeds post-punk scene for quite some time after circuiting house parties, sellout hometown shows and venues across the UK. We always pay them a visit when they play for our friends over at the Brudenell Social Club. Thinking they might like a change of scenery though, we thought we should invite them to our beautiful North Yorkshire parkland.

We hear a lot of post-punk these days but this band truly stand out from the masses. Armed with a thrilling, chaotic sound, distinctive yelling vocal expression, sharp guitars and crushing bass tone, their live set takes them to another level. We’re huge Treeboy & Arc fans so we'll catch you at the very front of the In The Dock stage!

Gretel Hänlyn Spotify

Gretel Hänlyn

If you need to shake off the cobwebs.... Powerhouse Gretyl Hanlyn will dominating our In The Dock stage if you help to shake off the cobwebs from a heavy Saturday night followed with an early awakening..

At the time of writing with just four incredible singles under her belt, Hanlyn has already proved she’s ‘the future, baby’ (sorry!) Championed by NME, they described Hanlyn as having a voice "pitched somewhere between London Grammar’s Hannah Reid and Florence Welch – that’ll stop listeners in their tracks" and who are we to disagree?

Bored at My Grandmas House Spotify

Bored at My Grandmas House

Bored at My Grandma’s House? You certainly won’t be Bored at Deer Shed Festival when Amber Strawbridge is around... Sorry...

As name would suggest, Bored at My Grandma’s house spawned from the songwriter writing and producing songs on GarageBand and uploading them to Soundcloud while literally bored at her Grandma's place. How important are Grandparents?!

We’ve followed her buzz for a while which led to one of our favourite EP’s of 2021 - ‘Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too’. A collection of euphoric feelings & lo-fi shoegaze goodness. In her songwriting, Amber finds beauty and captivating ideas in the mundane, her songs often feeling like stream of concious ideas developing before being put through this wonderful musical lens she has created. This exploration of the meaning of every day activity is captured in her single 'Showers' as she explains ""showers are a kind of therapy in my opinion, they give you time to reflect and think without influence from anything external."" - a lovely thought and something we might write down and pop in the shower blocks this year if any smaller members of your party are having a hard time being convinced...

Lime Garden Spotify

Lime Garden

We can often be found claiming Yorkshire as the greatest hotbed of brilliant new music going and accept a certain level of bias in that position... So, with that in mind, we are ready to admit that Brighton has been has been having a bit of a *moment* for a while now. One of the bright lights of the East Sussex city are Lime Garden. Made up of Chloe, Annabel, Leila and Tippi, Lime Garden emerged on the scene as fast rising newcomers in 2020 with a perfect run of lo-fi, laid-back psychy indie rock drenched in the kind of total effortless cool you can neither fake or define. These faultless witty first singles got us hooked and as we delved further we realised, along with plenty of other adoring fans, that this band were really onto something special. Harnessing catchy melodies, earworm hooks and rhythmic, punky new-wave tunes.

We’ve loved everything Lime Garden have released so far and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Van Houten Spotify

Van Houten

We reckon there’s room for one more Leeds band at Deer Shed 12, don’t you?

We’re delighted that the band in question is Van Houten, bringing their cocktail of sugar sweet slacker pop and acerbic lyrics for us to sip in Sunday’s afternoon sun.

Formed in 2016, but now signed to the cult Leeds label Clue Records, we can almost taste what Van Houten will bring to In The Dock.

Van Houten Spotify

TC & The Groove Family

It’s important to us to make sure we’ve truly tried and tested our music lineup, so we look to our neighbouring music scenes for inspiration and who's making loads of noise. When we delved into Leeds music, TC & The Groove Family's name came up again and again.

This northern 10-piece collective celebrate the coming together of cultures, and the unity that music can provide for everyone. Perfect for Baldersby Park! Exploring grooves and genres from the UK and around the world, including afrobeat, breakbeat, jungle, jazz and highlife, we’re sure you’ll be racing to the front row as TC & The Groove Family lead us in the celebration of music from across the world.

Elanor Moss Spotify

Elanor Moss

Elanor Moss is a songwriter from York who, at the time of writing, only has one single out in the world. That single though, the moving and winding 'Soundings' immediately grabbed our attention and made us want to hear more! Elanor writes music that is bracingly honest with a suprising dark humour all delivered in a voice that is entirely her own. While its still early days for Elanor, she is part of a group of songwriters down the road in York that we are keeping a very close eye on! As we write this she is on the road with fellow York resident and frequent collaborator Benjamin Francis Leftwich for a long run of shows before joining with top LA songwriter Christian Lee Hutson for another long run - so we can't wait to see Elanor in summer, road hardened and with more of her wonderful music out in the world

Honey Guide Spotify

Honey Guide

Honey Guide is the moniker of Leeds musician and songwriter Jacob Andrews who first came to our attention late last year with his debut EP 'A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind' - Jacob deals in the kind of laid back / freak folk of Andy Shauf or even Mac DeMarco in his more contemplative moments. The EP is all hazy guitars, wobbly synths, delicate drums and enthralling double-tracked vocals with a smattering of woodwind. What really caught our ear with Jacob is his commitment to taking things at his own pace - Honey Guide's songs are never rushed - everything has its place and not a single note is wasted. His music feels minimal yet complete and entirely its own. Our advice, if you're interested, would be to pull up a chair and let the music of Honey Guide wash over you in the afternoon sun...

Mickey Callisto Spotify

Mickey Callisto

Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve got a hunch that Mickey Callisto might be a time travelling space wizard…

Within seconds on powering up his synthesisers, Callisto conjures the sparkly ‘80s new wave sounds of Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and (dare we say it) Rick Astley, before hot-wiring it with the one-of-a-kind clubnight energy of his beloved hometown, Liverpool.

As if you need any more convincing to be at the Acorn Stage on Sunday, Mickey will no doubt be showcasing some shining examples from one of the finest collections of vintage track suits we have ever seen.

Bobby Lee Spotify

Bobby Lee

As much as we adore our home here at Baldersby Park, we love hopping across the pond as well. With chiming, cosmic guitar in conversation with dusky, tumbling drums, Sheffield’s Bobby Lee whisks us away to a porch in hazy Oklahoma with his signature blend of blissed out blues and sun-drenched folk rock.

Channeling the inimitable 50's shimmer of JJ Cale’s Tulsa Sound and Terry Riley’s sprawling, modal expanses; Saturday sees Bobby Lee add his own psychedelic magic to open a passage between an Americana-soaked parallel universe and our very own Lodge, right here in North Yorkshire. Fancy a trip?

Beija Flo Spotify

Beija Flo

It’s really not easy to pinpoint the exact musical space that Beija Flo occupies. Trust us, we've had an absolute blast trying to do just that for you. What we do know is that when we listen to her it’s like we're glimpsing into the depths of the soul of a genuinely gifted artist. Brilliantly melding genres with joyous musicality, Beija gives us complex narrations of love, relationships and mental health tenderness set to a background of music that takes us from delicate ballads to gripping, acerbic punk rock.

One of the most exciting new artists currently working in her native Liverpool, local tastemakers including Bido Lito! and BBC Introducing Merseyside have been championing Beija's music as she plays much-discussed home town shows. We're so happy that word is continuing to spread about this one of a kind musician and artist - we are pretty certain Deer Shedders are going to be in awe too.

Mychelle Spotify


It’s not every day that an international superstar invites you to come write in their own private studio, but that’s exactly what happened to Mychelle. Spotted by none other than Idris Elba, Mychelle left her mark on his Yardie Mixtape project in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since.

Often accompanied by nothing more than her own guitar, Mychelle’s voice has a remarkably assured, soulful quality that belies her years; channelling the raw emotion of Amy Winehouse and the effortless cool of Sade. We’ve been listened to last summer’s single, ‘Life Isn’t’, whenever we get the chance.

Now working with FAMM, a label with connects to Jorja Smith and Maverick Sabre amongst others, we can’t wait to see what Mychelle does next.

The Dream Machine Spotify

The Dream Machine

The Dream Machine are many things, a soupy concoction of ‘90s dreams, a collection of nautical headwear, nostalgia for something you’ve not yet done and the pitfalls of young love. As well as all that, The Dream Machine are four friends playing perfect, summery pop tunes and we’re just mad about them.

Natalie McCool Spotify

Natalie McCool

Natalie McCool makes a pretty convincing case for nominative determinism... The Liverpool based singer and guitarist bares her soul via the medium of her gloriously catchy pop and is one of the most captivating songwriters around today. After the release of her debut album in 2016, Natalie has been making waves, steadily gaining greater and greater acclaim as more people discover her towering collection of songs.

We eagerly awaited her most recent album Memory Girl and it really delivered - it is the sound of a songwriter working in a free and creative environment, with what feels like total sureity - the music is diverse and explorative while keeping her songs and voice front and centre. We've been at this a long time and can tell you, rarely does it feel like artists are given the time and space to work things out to the degree Natalie McCool has and it's plain to see that when given, it really pays off...

Plantfood Spotify


There really must be something in the water over in Leeds at the moment, as Plantfood are yet another exciting bunch to spring up from the already fertile ground.

Splicing ice cool Jazz with big band bombast and an eclectic inspiration that ranges from horticulture to The Sound of Music, Plantfood are all the nourishment we need.

Nadeem Din-Gabisi Spotify

Nadeem Din-Gabisi

To say we’re excited about what Nadeem Din-Gabisi will bring to The Lodge on Friday is an understatement. Working around the re-representation of the black image, Nadeem’s multimedia performances are a mind-bending melting pot of poetry, trip hop and performance art.

Nadeem has recently been working on a project entitled POOL, which explores mental health issues and coping mechanisms of young black men born in and around London, asking why some of them sink whilst others swim.

If this sounds like a bit of you, Nadeem is also a member of London’s infamous and experimental jazz collective Steam Down, who will be mixing it up In The Dock on Saturday!

Tenderhost Spotify


We didn’t know that The Acorn Stage could so easily double up as a post-punk speakeasy, but Tenderhost are bringing smoke, sleaze and menace to Baldersby Park in abundance.

Fronted by the mysterious Gabriel Levy, formerly of equally mysterious project Sistertalk, the six-piece peddle audible tension as their songs shift uneasily between brass infused blues and shrieking feedback theatrics.

We can’t wait to see what else is lurking in the shadows...

Clara Mann Spotify

Clara Mann

Clara Mann’s listing, lullaby-like songs serve as a brief escape from the turbulent times we find ourselves in. Released on Sad Club Records, last year’s ‘Consolations EP’ showcases Clara’s uncanny ability to draw us into a narrative other than our own. A painter as well as a songwriter, Clara takes inspiration from the work of realist painter Edward Hopper and we can’t help but hear echoes of the same intimacy, honesty and intrigue within her songs.

Need to be somewhere else for a moment? Make your way to the Acorn and let Clara Mann set the scene.

Kakatsitsi Spotify


If you think you like drums, you ain’t seen nothing yet...

Hailing from southern Ghana, Kakatsitsi are a collective of traditional drummers, dancers and singers who reinvent traditional Ga chants and rhythms with a contemporary twist. Already mainstays at festivals down south like Glastonbury and WOMAD, we’re overjoyed to have Kakatsitsi performing up north for us in Topcliffe!

The collective believe that recorded music is all well and good but that the real measure of the performance is the involvement of everyone present in the spirit of the occasion, so expect to get involved!

CVC Spotify


Is Topcliffe ready for this? We certainly hope so!

CVC may well stand for Church Village Collective or Church Village Crew, but then again it might not. It all depends who you ask and when you ask them… It definitely doesn’t help that the CVC sound is a far cry from hymns, organs and sleepy summer fetes. Instead, the six piece offer an incendiary combination of everything from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to classic Snoop Dogg, with a healthy dollop of hazed out 70’s funk thrown in for good measure.

Having already earned themselves a formidable reputation as Cardiff’s go-to party band, and with a self-produced debut album ready to go, CVC have been bottled up over lockdown. We’re not sure what’s going to happen at The Acorn on Friday, but we can guarantee it’s going to be a good time.

Cortney Dixon Spotify

Cortney Dixon

Cortney Dixon hasn’t let a pesky pandemic get in her way; writing, recording, producing and releasing not one but two EPs that have most definitely caught our attention here at Deershed, never mind the attention of BBC Introducing North East, BBC Radio 1 and BMG Imprint Fieldhouse Music too...

A natural frontwoman, Cortney grew up in Newcastle soundtracked by the eccentricity of Kate Bush and Bowie. Her songwriting bounces these 70’s inspirations off contemporaries such as Sharon Van Etten and St Vincent to spectacular effect; Cortney has not only one of the most distinctive voices we’ve heard in a long time, she absolutely shreds on guitar too.

If all that wasn’t enough, we also think Cortney is a shoe-in for the inaugural Best Hair of Deershed Award. So, we implore you to check out Cortney, her pop-rock power trio and her incredible, incredible hair live on the Acorn Stage.

Jack Francis Spotify

Jack Francis

We, your humble Deer Shed bookers, sleep with one eye open, one ear open... always ready to catch of wind of artists who are buzzing in the music world…

Sometimes, it can be so totally obvious that our audience are going to fall in love with an act as warming as Jack Francis- leading an exciting new breed of UK Americana acts. With lyrics at its heart, Jack’s self titled debut album showcases his smooth vocals as he proves the love of his craft of songwriting, his unquestionanle ability rooted in the finest musical traditions of Americana, while staying true to his own roots.

At a low point in his life, he moved to New York to rekindle his musical flame. Jack quit his office job and completely devoted himself to his to music and thank goodness he did! We are SO pleased he did and thrilled to have him at Deer Shed 12!

Millie Milner Spotify

Millie Milner

The music of Millie Milner is sometimes fragile but always defiant. Having recently expanded to a full band, we’ll be treated to their original, acoustic set-up and their busking roots.

After their first release back in 2019, they’ve been carefully cultivating their sound into something incredibly unique and fierce with aims to inspire young, queer people, show solidarity and platform their voice in the community.

It's a complicated world but this Yorkshire singer-songwriter is determined to make sense of it all.

Ash Kenazi presents Popperz

Ash Kenazi presents Popperz

Ash Kenazi is the OG drag Jewish Princess from North London who left home to find herself in the overlooked alleys of the city.

Her past as an opera singer and musician in indie band Happyness has prepared her for a reincarnation unlike any other. Her shows are known for their combination of pyrotechnics, opera singing, slut dropping and stage climbing all while wearing 6 inch heels.

To see out Deershed 12 with a bang, Ash will be hosting Popperz, a queer house/disco/pop rave of epic proportions that is like nothing you’ve experience before.

Lemyn & Sally Bryant

Lemyn & Sally Bryant

Our Friday night DJ offering comes in the form of not only one, but two of Leeds' finest DJ's going back to back. Featuring Sally Bryant of celebrated Leeds record label Dance To The Radio and the much in-demand Lemyn, the pair belong to the female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ DJ collective 'Fierce Agency'. We take the Friday night party seriously here, and trust us that with Sally & Lemyn you could not be in safer hands.

Deptford Northern Soul Club

Deptford Northern Soul Club

We’re seriously excited about Deptford Northern Soul Club bringing their infamous party to Deershed 12, we’re already dancing in anticipation!

As DNSC, DJ duo Will and Lewis have been selling out clubs up and down the country since 2016 with their carefully curated mix of golden age Northern Soul and rare, previously unreleased deep cuts from the likes of The Delrays, Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye. Be prepared to dance like you’ve never danced before!

Emily Pilbeam

Emily Pilbeam

Saturday night DJ duty is being handled by local tastemaker, BBC Introducing host and modern Yorkshire legend Emily Pilbeam! A talented DJ with a total commitment to crafting some of the most fun sets you've ever seen, you're as likely to hear cutting edge indie bangers as you are some of Robbie Williams greatest hits as Pilbeam brings the party and closes out day 2 of Deer Shed.

Rory Hoy

Rory Hoy

A big Deer Shed favourite and no stranger to Baldersby Park, local wunderkind Rory Hoy's genre-hopping sets are always guaranteed to take the audience on a little sonic adventure (in addition to getting their feet moving!).

Having collected an impressive number of fans over the years including Craig Charles, Fatboy Slim and Afrika Bambaata, the Harrogate DJ/producer knows just exactly what it takes to create the perfect party atmosphere for our beloved Deer Shedders. Expect his Friday night In The Dock headphone DJ set to raise the roof and set the tone for the rest of the weekend!

Beija Flo

Big Jeff

What can we say about Big Jeff? In many ways a modern indie icon, and surely one of the biggest supporters of live music there is. For every touring band worth their salt, on the live music circuit it's widely acknowledged to be a real badge of honour to have Jeff down at the front of your show or festival set, ferociously nodding along to your tunes.

However, not content with being a total music fanatic and almost single-handedly propping up the live music economy of Bristol, Jeff also happens to be an incredibly talented artist. Having recently announced his first solo exhibition 'Welcome To My World', Jeff's art takes influence from the music world and beyond in order to express emotion and channel his experiences with hidden anxiety and mental health in a truly profound and beautiful way. We're honoured then, to have Jeff join us in Topcliffe for Deer Shed Festival 12, where he'll be creating unique live art in real time on stage in front of the Deer Shed crowd!


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