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Latest ticket news

Tier 2 adult tickets will only be available until the end of the month.

From May 1st we release tier 3 adult tickets which cost £10 more each. If you have decided to come to Deer Shed Festival 5 this year you have 2 weeks to get your tickets at the cheaper price.

We do have a few volunteer shifts remaining. Volunteering gets you into the festival for free in exchange for 7 hours of your time over the weekend. Email andy.dalton@deershedfestival.com if you need more information.

Slightly older news

From lolly-stick-roller-coaster-marble-runs to identifying critters in our lake, and masses inbetween, we are thrilled to announce our SCIENCE and WORKSHOP programme for Deer Shed Festival 5.

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Our ethos

We are massive fans of music and the arts in general, and we all have kids. We have over the years got increasingly fed up with paying a small fortune to get our families into various festivals only to be disappointed in the music or in the entertainment, facilities and vibe for the sprogs. The Deer Shed Festival is our long considered response to this. Kids are not second class citizens at DSF.

However, we will not compromise on what's on just because we are 'family friendly'. If you don't have children to bring along you will still find a lovely chilled atmosphere in which to enjoy a great weekend.

Have a look at our music, arts, science and workshops programme and how we look after families.


Various shots from various years and of course, so far, rain free :)

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Some festival reviews

The Guardian (from 2011)

As children tired and news spread about Amy Winehouse, I Am Kloot's stunning songs of 'drinking and disaster' sound ever-more mournful underneath the stars. When an otherwise chirpy John Bramwell dedicated an almost unbearably sad I Still Do to the departed singer, he provided something that seemed unthinkable at 2pm: the Deer Shed moment - 4/5 stars - full review

God Is In the TV (from 2013)

"And these are the very emotions with which you leave Baldersby Park, reflecting on what has been a nigh on perfect occasion. For many Deer Shed traditionalists this year's structural changes may mean that they will bemoan the loss of the buildings which gave the festival its name. They may also speak of the festival's shift away from its local roots towards a more expansive corporate identity. But the truth is that in this particular instance bigger is undoubtedly better and Deer Shed's gradual evolution has been successfully achieved without losing any of its inherent warmth or intimacy" - full review

Efestivals (from 2013)

"Deer Shed is jam packed with quality. The organisers have clearly given much thought to what all members of the family will want within a festival and have gone a considerable way to delivering that. The science of family friendly festivals is being preserved in North Yorkshire. If you have a child under 10 then this should be a must-do on your festival list. If you simply want a weekend full of quality entertainment, then it should definitely be considered" - full review

What To Do With The Kids (from 2013)

"And most importantly, Deer Shed creates a space where children, tweens and teens can be introduced to festivals, make new friends, have an amazing time and be safe, while parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents can enjoy themselves as adults, listen to bands, have a few drinks, and have a rest from being the entertainers themselves. Deer Shed, you’ve created the perfect balance. We love you, and will be back next year" - full review

There Goes The Fear (from 2013)

"It was a moment that summed up the entire ethos of Deer Shed Festival: do something fun; do it well; do it with the unselfconscious devotion of a child. And if it involves putting a cardboard box on one's head and pretending to be a robot, so much the better" - full review

Clash Magazine (from 2013)

"(Willy) Mason is a fine vintage that just gets better and better. As will Deer Shed, especially if you’ve got sprogs to entertain" - full review

Our theme for Deer Shed Festival 5 - Time Travel

Sky At Night, Monsters, Machines and now Time Travel - undoubtedly our most ambitious theme to date.

Time Travel Tunnel

Over the festival weekend we will take you from 2014 into our vision of the future and then drag you back to the dim and distant past. Whether you like it or not. Of course we will need some sort of time portal to do this but we've got loads of time to knock this up...


After the success of our MACHINES tent last year we immediately decided that SCIENCE should now and forever form an integral part of the festival. So for Deer Shed Festival 5 Time Travel you can expect exciting science workshops using the technology of the past as well as our take upon scientific discoveries yet to be.

Anthologies - Deer Shed Festival Sessions

Filmed by Anthologies during the festival this year, The Unthanks performing 'The Magpie'. Pretty special.

Human Machine by Johnny White

This year we invited kinetic sculptor Johnny White to build us a machine, which turned out to be rather spectacular...

What is the festival like?

This year it was like this...

And this is what we had on...

What do our audience say about us?

Andy Tattersall You can be very proud for making a truly affordable, fun, friendly, sunny, happy, diverse, brilliant festival. Already counting down the days till DS4.

Wendy Martin ..it was just nothing short of brilliant..was the best weekend in years and i for one cant stop talking about it and have at least 8 people who want to come with us next year..take a moment to take some praise because you and the team deserve it.

Richard Bentley Well done Oliver and team - you have come up with an amazing event and your vision, hard work, and obvious detailed planning is very much admired and appreciated by us Bentleys. See you next year...

We have 30 more buckets full of Facebook audience feedback here


Like all festivals we need keen volunteers of all ages in order to run smoothly. In exchange for working 7 hours over the weekend you will receive free entry to the festival. We need general volunteers to work parking cars, as campsite wardens, litter picking, welfare team members and helping out with family workshops. Of course if you have a special skill, let us know. 18+ only please. Now booking for DSF5, email andy.dalton@deershedfestival.com

Food and Drink

What the whole festival experience is surely all about, sampling the wares of each food stall. We have invited back the best of 2013 and are hunting down some new exciting food providers for 2014. We'll have something for everyone, meat lovers, veggies and dare we say it, fussy eaters. By popular request we have added an extra pizza vendor too.

Why not be social and join us below?

Camping at Deer Shed Festival

Despite being home to a sea of family tents you will enjoy plenty of camping space at Baldersby Park. It is a beautiful place to spend a weekend under canvas. If you have a campervan, caravan or trailer tent we have a nice spot for you too.

But I can't be buffed putting up a tent option

Black Dog Tipis will lend you a lovely tipi. Snug.